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Cleaned and well-maintained tiles in the bathroom may sparkle and brighten up the overall look of bathrooms. However, if you don’t follow the regular and deep bathroom tiles cleaning patterns then it will lose natural shine and sparkle and you may need to invest more for replacement or maintenance. So, you should never ignore the cleaning of tiles while cleaning other areas of the bathroom.

Moreover, you need to choose the right and appropriate cleaning products for the bathroom tiles. Because hard chemicals and bleaches will damage the color and quality of tiles. Therefore, you should follow the complete guidelines and instructions provided in this article to get the desired and effective cleaning results.

Always Prefer To Use The Natural Ingredients As Tiles Cleaner:

If you want to keep the bathroom tiles clean then you need to choose the appropriate and mild cleaner for it. Because artificial and low-quality products are not suitable options for the tiles. So, if you want to get the proper and long-lasting cleaning results then you should avoid these products.

That’s why a homemade cleaning solution is a great choice for cleaning the tiles to get a clean and healthy environment.  The best thing is you can clean these tiles easily at home just by mixing the natural ingredients.

To make a simple and effective homemade tiles cleaner, mix bang soda with any detergent or liquid soap. After making the solution, pour it on the tiles in all sections and let it sit at least for 15 minutes. After that, scrub the tiles with the help of a soft bristle scrubbing brush if required to remove all build-up. Later on, wipe out the tiles with the help of a soft cloth.

Use Vinegar And Lemon Juice As Mold Cleaners:

Both natural ingredients have acidic properties and may help to remove the mold as well as prevent further build-up. Because lemon juice has less acidic properties as compared to vinegar. So, it can be easily used to remove the mold on the grout lines. However, vinegar is a great option to clean the mold on tiles.

But don’t use the vinegar directly on the grout lines while bathroom tiles cleaning. Because it may damage or crack the grout. Furthermore, vinegar can also be used as the efficient tiles cleaner for cleaning tiles in the bathroom.

Appropriate Cleaning Process For Bathroom Tiles:

While cleaning the tiles, you need to do it properly. so, start it from heating the tiles in the bathroom. It will help to open up all the pores as well as remove stuck dirt and dust easily. By steaming the tiles, you can get the job done in a right and effective way.

So, to do the steam cleaning, turn on all the fans and ventilators and open the hot water taps. Let the water run on the tiles at least for 30 minutes. It will create steam all around in the bathroom that helps to remove the tough stains and soap scum on the bathroom tiles.

After that, pour the cleaning solution all over the tiles. It’s better to start working from top to bottom for long-lasting and effective results. Scrub the tiles with the help of a scrubbing tool in a circular motion. Scrubbing will help to get rid of grease, grime, and stains on the tiles.

Beware while scrubbing the grout lines due to its absorbent properties. Because hard strokes may damage and crack the grout material. Therefore, it’s better to use a sponge or soft fiber cloth to clean and scrub the grout lines.

How To Prevent The Growth Of Mold On Bathroom Tiles?

Moisture and water deposit on the tiles are the main reasons for the growth of mold and mildew on the tiles. For this, you should turn on all the fans and ventilators after using the bathroom as well as cleaning. Appropriate drying after bathroom tiles cleaning will help to keep the area free from the growth of mold and mildew.

If the mold and mildew are visible on the tiles then you need to treat it immediately to save the tiles from turning black as well as the environment. For this, you can use a brush to remove the mold and mildew on the tiles by scrubbing for a few minutes. Scrubbing will help to remove all the build-up on the tiles effectively.

Furthermore, dry the area appropriately after cleaning tiles in the bathroom as well as showering. Wipeout all the water with the help of a wiper or towel.

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