It’s a simple truth that the AC coils in Dubai are dirty and need to be cleaned and repaired. Whether it’s your vehicle or a commercial one, you must have AC parts of your building, office or hotel repaired regularly. The best time to undertake AC coil cleaning is in summer because there is less heat to get rid of and the humidity level can be significantly reduced with proper AC coil cleaning equipment. When you go for proper cleaning of your AC, you must first clean it with the help of a vacuum cleaner, dust mask, air cleaner, and a clean towel.

Cleaning the air ducts of your building is also another important task. The ducts should be cleaned before the AC coil is cleaned. It is not only important to clean the coil but the entire AC system as well so that the condition remains good.

You must have knowledge of air conditioning system

Before undertaking AC coil cleaning in Dubai, you should have some basic knowledge of air conditioning systems. Certain parts must be checked and cleaned before taking a final decision to clean them yourself. The central cooling unit, the condenser, the compressor, the air filter, the evaporator coil, and the evaporator blower coil. These are only some of the parts which need to be inspected and cleaned.

If you do not know how to clean these components then you will have to contact your AC servicing company or the AC parts manufacturer and ask for proper cleaning advice. The companies will provide you with a proper cleaning guide which will help you to keep your air conditioner in working condition without any hassle.

You must have tools

The AC cleaning guide will clearly show you the required cleaning procedure and tools to use in the AC cleaning process. The most common tools used in AC cleaning are soft cloth, an ultrasonic cleaner, and vacuums. You can get these cleaning devices at a local hardware store or even on the internet. The process involves cleaning the AC coil, the air ducts, the blower coil, and the air filter using the ultrasonic cleaner. You must be careful while you use the ultrasonic cleaner and if you don’t get the desired results you must take it back to the store and get a better one. It is important to note that ultrasonic cleaning should not be carried out in a high power setting. If it is carried out in a high power setting then there is a possibility that the electronic parts may get damaged.

AC coil cleaning in Dubai can be done easily if you use the right tools and make sure that you follow the cleaning procedure properly. You must first ensure that the coil is completely drained of its oil. You should also unplug the AC from its circuit breaker. The AC should also be drained of all the water and the oil should be drained off as well.

Use ultrasonic cleaner

You must then clean the coil using the ultrasonic cleaner. The ultrasonic cleaner can remove dust particles from the coil without harming the electronic parts. When the coil is thoroughly cleaned then you can clean the evaporator coil by gently wiping it using soft cotton wool soaked in acetone. After cleaning the coil you should lubricate the coil using the silicon grease. This will ensure that the coil does not get damaged due to any dirt or dust and will work just like a new one. Now, remove all the air ducts from the house. You can clean the ducts and then you can check the coil.

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