how to start travel agency in india

It is true that travel and tourism industry is one of the enormous industries in India and very significant employment generators. If you hear the un’s world tourism organization (unwto), the travel and tourism industry offers 6-7 per cent of the total jobs of the world directly and much more indirectly via the multiplier effect.

The travel and tourism industry in India is actually ranked twelfth among one hundred eighty four countries in terms of gdp contribution and the tourism industry in India is ready to grow at 7.8% per year during 2013-2023. And presently, it is blooming only because of the traveling lovers all over the country. The travel and tourism market in India was estimated at usd117.7 billion in the year 2011 is now estimated to boom to usd418.9 billion by the year 2022. So, you can easily see that there is much of opportunity for new entrepreneurs starting in the travel and tourism world as travel agents.

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Where to start from?

Well, if you are pondering about how to start travel agency in india then this is the right post for you. Here are the quick peep at rules, regulations, and overall taxation issues for beginning a travel agency business in India.

Pick the business entity of your choice

Being a travel agent, you have many options today of business entity to choose from and the business plan for your venture would play a major role in finding the right fit. Most travel agents decide to have a private limited company as it is one of the most massively used and recognised forms of business in india. It offers a host of perks for sure.

Moreover, a private limited company is surely a must for entrepreneurs who have their plans to offer their services online and swiftly scale up their business – using the power of the internet. On the other hand, freshly introduced business entities like limited liability partnership (llp) or one person company (opc) is going to be ideal for entrepreneurs who have plans to gradually build the business and/or do it on a part-time ground.

As restricted liability partnerships have no requirement for audit unless the turnover exceeds rs.40 lakhs in a single year, it would be perfect for entrepreneurs who are getting their first-hand experience in their venture. On the other side , opcs act perfect for entrepreneurs who are establishing their business as a single individual who wish to avoid having extensive compliance requirements to follow through the gateway of Manchester of india Manchester of indiaManchester of india. Either way, a business unit offering limited liability status and separate legal entity status act perfect for a travel agent.

Entrepreneurs can also work for proprietorships with a trademark, in instances where the entrepreneur wishes to have a unique brand name, that is unobtainable to get the registration with ministry of company affairs  because of the naming guidelines.

Become government of india approved travel agent

Though registration as a government of India-approved travel agent is not obligatory, it is beneficial and offers you recognition for the travel agent. The purpose and goal of the scheme for recognition of travel agent / agency (ta) are to boost quality standard and service in this tourism industry. You can become a government of india recognised travel agent only when you meet their certain requirement on staff employed, capital invested, maintenance of minimum office space and other stipulations.

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So, starting a travel agency is not a big deal if you know what you should do and how. Keep the discussed points in mind for the best working.

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