When constructing a house, the basic technicalities should be considered, especially if you are residing in Pakistan. A tiny gap in the fittings or the pipelines’ structure could result in the need for complete bathroom renovation, which could be quite expensive. 

What leads to bathroom leakage?

Before proceeding further, it is essential to understand the causes of bathroom leakage. 

There could be two major causes of bathroom leaking in Pakistan, either there is a fault in the plumbing work, such as a damaged pipe, a rusted nail, or an inefficient drainage system. It is comparatively difficult to identify the latter due to invisibility. Another common reason behind bathroom leakage in Pakistan is the expiring of the material used for construction. The bathroom might be constructed around 20 years ago. Hence, all the materials used have an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years, and now they are losing their strength. 


If the joints are not connected properly at the time of construction, then it might also become a cause of water leakage in the bathroom.

When bathroom leakage is found not due to plumbing faults or pipes, but because of other hidden reasons, it is then when you need a bathroom leakage repair in Karachi.

What steps should be followed to get rid of bathroom leakage?

Once you have identified the cause of bathroom leakage now, you need to start searching for appropriate steps to resolve this issue. 

Search for the leakage

The first step that you should perform is to check the exact point of bathroom leakage. Try to follow up on the leakage marks in order to reach the point of the problem. 

Start searching within your bathroom; there is a slight possibility that you may find it in the gaps between the tiles. 

If you are unable to find it in the bathroom, start following your pipelines. There is a high possibility that you may find a hole in your pipelines. In the case of a small leakage hole, you could apply a strong adhesive and repair pigment to heal up the holes. This could be a useful technique for bathroom leakage repair in Karachi.

Call a plumber

If you are still unable to find out the leakage point in your home, then it is the time to call a professional plumber. The plumbers’ duty includes tracking the problem and resolving it effectively. 

Fight with seepage on the walls

If the plumber fails to help you and says it is a seepage issue, it is wartime, not with the plumber, but with the seepage on your bathroom wall. The best way to wipe out water seepage for the long-term is to get a waterproofing solution applied to the walls after fixing the issue. This waterproofing solution is very effective in acting as an impermeable membrane between the water and the walls. This solution is like an oil code that confines the water particles to pass through it. 

Inspect for blockage

If following the above steps were not effective enough to help you, you should inspect your pipelines for blockage. Usually, when there is a constant water presence with little or no sunlight, algae gets formed in that area. This formation of algae could result in the blockage of pipelines, and the pressure of water might be shifted towards your bathroom walls.

If minor bathroom leakages are left unattended, these might multiply and result in a repair expensive for you. Therefore, it is crucial to take the minor bathroom leakages as seriously as significant bathroom leakages. Check and update your bathroom after regular intervals to stay away from huge repairing expenses. 

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