To some, a juicer blender is something that puts nothing significant on the table, as far as kitchen appliances are concerned. But for some, they are going to go lost without it. The thing about blenders is that once you get the hang of using it more often for your cooking sessions, the more benefits you will come across. A juicer blender makes cooking convenient, easy, and less time taking.


Many people think that a juicer can only work with making juices, but a juicer blender combo can amaze you with the things it can do. However, purchasing a home appliance, especially a juicer blender, is not an easy job for a home chef. Why? Because many crucial aspects of cooking are solely dependent on the quality and usage of a juicer blender. Hence, before going to buy a juicer blender for yourself, check out this ultimate buying guide that will help you choose the perfect juicer blender for your kitchen. 


Choose the right size: 

Just like any other kitchen appliance, juicer blenders vary in sizes as well. In the market, you will find juicer blenders that can accommodate 3-14 cups. The right choice depends on what your needs are. If storage space is a priority because you often cook for a larger group of people, you should go for a size that can cater to the bigger serving sizes well. However, if you want to buy a juicer blender that will be enough for your small family, get a compact, single-serve juicer blender. 


Consider the power and speed: 

Not every household wants to prioritize feature-rich juicer blenders. Buying a powerful and speedy appliance can also do most of your job without any trouble. Since you can use juicer blenders for many complex tasks than just making juices and smoothies like grinding meat, cutting ice, and making nut butter, it is good to take advantage of a powerful one. 


For speed, make sure that the juicer blender has a speed setting ranging from 3 to 10. Less than three will not offer you substantial control, whereas more than ten is not a necessity. If the juicer blender has a pulse button, it is a major plus! For power, look for a juicer blender with a 500 watts range, as these are enough to make the best milkshakes and smoothies for you and your kids. 


Get one with special attachments: 

Looking for a juicer blender with special attachments is the smartest way to kill two birds with a single stone. Most people don’t like appliances spread on the kitchen counter as it makes the house look messy and congested. Getting a juicer blender can fix this problem for you as you can do a plethora of tasks with the help of this multi-task kitchen appliance. You can blend, store, and also grind with a single machine, so you don’t have to use individual machines for different tasks. 


Recheck the blades: 

The first thing to consider when you’re buying your future potential juicer blender is the blades. The quality and type of blades play a significant role in the efficiency of a juicer blender. If you want to get yourself a super-strong juicer blender, get yourself the one with dual-direction blades that also offers a robust motor. With this type of blender, you are bound to have the most amazing cooking experience! 


Make a sensible deal: 

Whatever you buy, you should be sure that the price is worth it. Don’t make a massive investment in a home appliance that is not even offering you much convenience. Survey the markets and do your research right before diving in and buying yourself a juicer blender. Access your budget wisely and then make a sound decision. 


Apart from these tips mentioned above, one more useful pointer that can help you have the best time with your juicer blender is to know about all the presets that come with your juicer blender. Most people tend to underuse their kitchen appliances and then end up thinking that they are of no use. Hence, if you know everything that comes with your juicer blender, you will be able to take more advantage of it and use it to its full extent!

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