Regardless of where you live, in Atlanta or anywhere in the world, having a pool constructed on your property by Atlanta pool builders is a luxury in itself; pools are costly to build and simply put not everyone can have one made. However, swimming pools add value to any property they are built on, search any house or building with a swimming and compare it to another property in the same area without one; the price difference will be noticeable.

Let’s face it, pool parties are one of the best parties one can throw. Nothing beats being able to invite your friends and family for a pool party at your home; it’s an expression of luxury. However, there are many types of pools you can have built on your property. We will discuss some of the more popular ones that you can ask companies like Sandals Luxury Pools to construct for you.


Above Ground Vs. Inground Pools

At this point, we believe describing the difference between in-ground and above ground pools is necessary.  Above ground, pools are mostly portable and can be packed and transported quickly and as the name suggests, they are placed above the ground. They are prefabricated and can be bought from various places as well as online. The in-ground pool is more complicated; it is constructed by digging out the pool’s shape and depth on your property and it requires professional pool builders to have it built right. Simply put, inground pools are luxury pools.


The Types of Inground Luxury Pools

The pools that add value to your property and are luxury pools are the inground ones. Depending on the amount of space you have, you can have inground pools of various designs to serve different purposes. The pools can be accessorized with features such as fountains, caves, waterfalls, slides, among other constructs. Some of the more popular pool types have been mentioned below for your reference:


The Infinity Edge Pool, better known as the infinity pool, is a luxurious pool constructed to provide a view; the water seems to go and drop off at the end, similar to a waterfall. However, there is no movement of water or the sound of water falling. Depending on where it is being constructed, it might not be an inground pool. Generally, infinity pools are built at places with a high vantage point, such as homes on hills or similar sites. However, they can also be constructed at a height on a multistoried building or house to give a view; in that case, it wouldn’t be inground. However, the infinity luxury pool’s cost is much greater.

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