Rajasthan is a state full of mystical stories. The more the sand here looks brighter in the day, the more silent it appears in the darkness of night. Today, we are going to introduce you to a story in a mystery about which hardly anyone has heard. This is a nine hundred-year old story in which a story of damned temple is hidden and this is a story of Bar district. By the way we all the know that Rajasthan is the most famous state for its architecture. Here kings used to build wonderful temples in that they used to hide their treasure, being religious place their treasure remained safe and to reach near this treasure they used to build a secret path but there are some such type of temples that have no relation with treasure, such type of temples have become very mysterious, to know about all the mysterious places people come here on Rajasthan Tour Package.

Some interesting places of Rajasthan

Udaipur is the most romantic place of Rajasthan, there are many tourist spots here, Taj  Lake Palace, Lake Bicholi,  Lake Garden Palace, Babar’s Haveli are the name of some famous tourist spots.


Bikaner city was built in 1488, by the king Bikaner. The culture of Bikaner is considered as old as Sindhu Valley Civilization, Junagarh Fort, Bag Palace, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Jain Temple attracts the people towards them.


Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, the largest state of India. It is known by the name of Pink city also, It is known by the name of Pink City because colour of all the buildings here is pink and red.  Jantar Mantar, Hava Mahal, Birla Temple are its tourist spots.

Barmer District

Barmer district of Rajasthan was beyond the knowledge of people wearing the sheet of anonymity for a long time, and now it has become a very famous tourist spot, main reason for being famous tourist spot is temple of Kirano. There is a small village Kiran at a distance of 30 km away from the Barmer of Rajasthan. There is a temple in this village, the name of village has been taken from the name of temple, The man who knows about this temple,  a fear remains on his face. Here tourists come in the day in rush and travel everywhere while in the night a great silence remains here and nobody stays here at night.


Jodhpur the second most popular tourist spot in the Rajasthan, It is known by the name of San City, It was built in 1459. Mehrangarh,  Jaswantpura, Umedgadh Palace are the famous tourist spots of Jodhpur.

Dress and  Food of Rajasthan

Here women wear stringent of gold and silver in their hands, that are heavy in weight, but there is no problem to women by these hards. Here, the men wear turban on their heads and have a towel on their necks and wear big earing in their ears. Rajasthan is considered a state of kings and very tasty food is eaten here in Rajasthan.


Ghewar is the most famous sweet of Rajasthan, It is made by the mixture of ghee, cheese and chasni. This sweet is made compulsory in every festival. Kachori of Onion, Dalbati, churma, Vegetable of Gatta, Kersangri, Moto mass are the best recipes. To see all these secret places and to take enjoy these best recipes people come here from abroad on Goingbo Rajasthan Tour Package.

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