Have you ever visited an intuitive, psychic future-reader or fortune teller in a spur of the moment or just because it seems beneficial to you?

You’re told that something might happen in the future, and you realize that it actually happens. What do you make of these events? How can you explain these experiences to yourself?

You are probably experiencing the same things that generations of people have been through, be it through faith, prayer or day-dreaming, psychic readings, fortune-teller predictions or even the wish of the appearance of a star.

These forms of desires fall under an overall category that has become the focus of numerous films and hundreds of books and articles:

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction can be described as a way to say that your thoughts are the primary factor that determines the events that occur throughout your day. If you desire to see something happen and are able to concentrate enough attention and energy, it is possible to influence it to happen.

It’s certainly not like that. For example, I would be the most youthful, thinnest, richest peace-loving and content human being in the Universe and not forgetting the BMW sports convertible I’d be driving.

As with everything else in life There must be completeness, meaning, and the emotional drive behind our desire and our thoughts.

It is important to be crystal clear with ourselves regarding what we would like to achieve. We must decide to take part in achieving our goals. We need to be aware of and appreciate what we already have. We must think positive.

We must overcome the obstacles that stand out of the way of our desire to be fulfilled. We must believe.

You might get your horoscope every day from an online site, newspaper or magazine. Then one day, you discover that you’re going to meet someone special at mid-month. You’re too busy to think about getting together with anyone , and you’re aware that at the end of the month, you’ll be working on a massive task at work and not have the time for a “meet someone special”. In the evening you hear that your friends will be out for a night to celebrate the halfway milestone of the project.

You’re tired and don’t want to go, however, you’re reminded of that horoscope prediction And, even though you could be skeptical, you head to the bar with colleagues.

Your colleague brings an acquaintance to the event venue, and you get to be introduced to and like this person.

The next day, when you return to working on the project you’re asked if you would like to attend an appointment with an expert. It’s not necessary to attend it, your boss insists on you, if you’re busy.

However, it is your choice to visit and you’re there when you meet an extremely attractive and interesting consultant, who then invites you for lunch. The Horoscope was correct! The prediction was confirmed! Not just once, but twice!

Then again, it’s not entirely. What I am assuming was the case: you acted on the prediction of the horoscope to make it happen for you with your actions.

When you made the decision to attend the celebration and also the meeting with the consultant by your own choice your faith was in the prediction of that horoscope . You brought to life the results it predicted.

This is a significant difference. The horoscope influenced the forecast however, you made it accurate by believing it even a bit. What does this mean when you think about what is known as the Law of Attraction?

I believe that when we express our wishes to the Universe in order to manifest our desires, we are setting a target for ourselves and a goal we hope to attain.

If we say to ourselves many times with both intellectual and emotional enthusiasm, that we could someday travel around the globe by way of example and then apply the same energy to pursue that dream and even the prophecy we have made is realized.

This is the true meaning of the art of fortune telling regardless of how it’s presented or how we try to find it: the true power lies inside you. If you trust in the prediction you make within yourself, you will manifest it by The Law of Attraction.

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