You are the owner of a small business that is thriving. This is worth having a celebratory moment. However, you are currently lacking thoughts and ideas for the future ahead.

You are stuck and can not figure out what to do. You are attempting to reach out to someone who can be of assistance. The question is that who is going to help you out.

There is a particular role that is applicable in this situation. It is known as a mentor.

In this article, we are going to go over a list of qualities needed to find the perfect mentor that will take your business to the next level. It is the key to having the best entrepreneur mentorship program.

Before we even discuss the list of traits to look for in a mentor, let’s discuss what exactly is a mentor.

What is a mentor?

A mentor is someone who will listen to your business ideas and tell you if they are good or not. They will hold you accountable for your long-term commitments and also will provide you a sense of encouragement and advice when in need of it.

Mentors can also be known as general advisors. They are the ones who will establish your sense of inspiration and focus.

Now that you know what exactly is a mentor, let’s discuss the list of traits to think about when selecting your ideal mentor for your small business.

List of traits:

  • Perfect fit

If your business is specifically in a startup phase, it is best to look for a mentor who is successful with a wide range of knowledge and skills for business purposes.


You should go out of your way and discuss achievements that need to be made for your business. It takes a matter of trust and dedication to making a final decision.



  • Availability

You must have a mentor who has an open schedule for important discussions. This will show that the mentor is not only accommodating but also committed to doing the job right.


  • Listening skills

First of all, a mentor is not going to help solve the problems of your business. Instead, a mentor will help you think thoroughly over the challenges and that will ultimately make you find the answers. Mentors are less vocal and rather more attentive to business owners.


  • Positive attitude

One of the worst things to deal with as a business owner is any setbacks. This is something that can bring you down and potentially lose confidence. When it comes to having a mentor, they will come in and make sure that you can fight back and regain confidence. This is something that is considered as having a positive attitude.


  • Open mind

It is important to have a mentor to be more open-minded than close-minded. The reason is that a mentor can seamlessly guide the business owner. When it comes to the idea of a mentor being close-minded, they are restrictive and will not be able to be expressive and attentive.



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