Seagrass is a natural coating that is simple to maintain and inexpensive. It dresses your floor in an aesthetic way and it gives your room a very warm effect to your interior. You will certainly be seduced by the different weaves of this style of upholstery.

What is seagrass?

Seagrass comes from the aquatic plant of the same name which grows in flood-prone fields, in Asia and particularly in China and Japan. This plant from the grass family is harvested; it is then dried, spun and then woven to give the coating we know. It is perfectly ecological, healthy and very resistant. This vegetable fiber is not dyed; naturally it comes in shades of beige.

The advantages of this coating

Seagrass has many qualities:

  • It is perfectly natural
  • It is healthy and does not present a danger to health
  • It is ecological
  • It is very resistant and does not wear out, even if you place it in rooms with heavy traffic

It is easy to maintain and it does not fear stains, especially since you can treat it stain resistant so that they do not stay. Vacuuming every three days is sufficient. In case of stain, clean it immediately by absorbing the liquid or by taking a stain remover or water and soap, you then dry it quickly with a hair dryer for example.

  • It is an inexpensive floor covering which has a fairly long lifespan, it is marketed around 7 euros per m² in carpet.
  • Its aesthetic and natural appearance is also important for decorating the floors of the house, especially since you can choose the weaving you want.
  • It is particularly suitable for humid rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, provided that the latter are properly ventilated.
  • It is a coating which has real qualities in terms of thermal insulation; moreover it allows to regulate the hygrometry in an incomparable way since it has the capacity to absorb excess humidity.
  • It is easy to install, a simple gluing being sufficient.

From a decorative point of view:

  • It gives your rooms a warm and natural atmosphere
  • You choose the weaving according to the rendering you want: herringbone, basket weave or twisted
  • Its raw and artisanal side harmonizes perfectly with different decorative trends such as the natural, bohemian chic or ethnic style, but also thanks to its herringbone weaving for example, it is perfect in more classic or contemporary atmospheres, because of the natural elegance of this particular fiber

The natural colors it presents vary depending on the maturity of the plant at harvest and its varieties. It is generally beige with tones ranging from yellow to green.

Seagrass: an interior and exterior coating

As we have seen, seagrass rug is suitable for practically any room in the house, as long as it is ventilated and little exposed to the sun. It can also be installed outdoors under certain conditions. It should not be too frequently and too abundantly exposed to rain. It can take place on a sheltered and protected balcony and as it harmonizes perfectly with the garden furniture, the rendering will be very successful. It should be moistened from time to time with a spray bottle to prevent the fibers from drying out and becoming too brittle.

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