In the UK, experts have estimated that around 3 million people sustain injuries due to accidents and mishaps every year, which is almost 5% of the whole population of the country. Despite the state bringing in tons of rules, regulations, safety precautionary measures, and standard operating procedures in all walks of life, we witness accidents causing minor injuries, such as lacerations, cuts, or bruises, as well as major issues, like spinal cord damage, head injuries, amputation, and in worst cases, instant death!

Here, at Hamilton Douglas Legal, we have employed some of the very best personal injury lawyers in Scotland, who have been dealing with a wide range of personal injury cases on a frequent basis.

Here are some very common types of personal injury cases that we deal with.


Road Traffic Accidents

Road traffic accidents account for more than half of all the personal injury claims made in the UK. Even though there are increasing rules and regulations strictly followed on the road, yet we still see a rich profusion of accidents occurring. This is not so surprising considering the fact that there are more than 30 million cars on the road every day. 

Road traffic accidents encapsulate all the different mishaps happening on the road, like pedestrian accidents, accidents on public transport, car crashes, cycle accidents, and more. Whether you’re commuting in a car, or any other vehicle like bike, bus, or even by foot, accidents can occur, regardless of how careful you are. If you were ever involved in a road traffic accident that happened due to someone else’s negligence, you can submit a claim for compensation. 

If you have suffered injuries like broken bones, whiplash, concussion, or any other severe damage that may have resulted in your overall life being impacted heavily, you deserve to get compensated from the party who was responsible for the damage, whether you were driving a car, passing by, or riding a motorbike. Get connected with our experienced accident solicitors right away to ensure you win your money.


Incidents Occurring At Public Spaces

Mishaps happening at public spaces account for more than 20% of all personal injury claims. The law of the UK has made it mandatory for all public and private organizations to make their premises safe for workers and visitors. If they fail to fulfil this obligation and you suffer an injury due to this, you are entitled to make a claim to receive compensation. 

We have been assisting people with the claim for injuries they suffered due to accidents happening in public spaces. This can range from illnesses taking place because of poorly maintained council properties to injuries cyclists or pedestrians suffer because of potholes, and even mishaps occurring in supermarkets and shops. 

In case you were injured in a certain store and this accident could have been avoided if the store management had been more responsible, you can have them pay to compensate for your losses, provided that you, or your legal team, is able to prove their negligence.


Workplace Accidents

This happens to be the third most occurring personal injury claim category in the UK, accounting for almost 15-16% of all the claims. Back problems and spinal injury claims are the most occurring in this subdivision. 

As one of the leading and most experienced injury solicitors in the UK, we acknowledge that all employers have a legal responsibility to fulfil in order to make sure that the working environment is safe and coincides with all the health and safety standards. Furthermore, they have a legal duty to safeguard all the staff and workers present on their premises at all times. 

If you’ve suffered injuries in the workplace, you have a maximum of three years from the date of happening to submit a claim for compensation. 

Workplace accidents can happen due to many reasons and result in several types of injuries ranging from minor to major issues. Also, you don’t need to worry about your employer because the damages paid to you will be from their employer’s liability insurance plan. 


To get more information regarding the claim process, please get in touch with Hamilton Douglas Legal at your earliest. Our team is always available to cater to any issue you might have and our solicitors will be present to provide advice and assistance.

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