Are you someone that eats, sleeps and breathes art? You do art for a living. There are so many ways and methods to incorporate art. One of the most popular ways to put in your passion for art is to create designs on T-shirts. In this article, we are going to provide some tips on how to have the best-designed T-shirt that will lead to massive profits. If you are someone who needs guidance for the creation of the T-shirt’s design, then you have come to the right place.


Without further ado, let’s go ahead and begin to discuss the full process of incorporating a design on a T-shirt.


The process:

  • Brainstorm design concept

This is where you take the first steps of coming up with a design. You should not rush as it requires a ton of preparation. If you invest some extra time and effort in making the necessary preparations, then it will lead to a smooth process in the long run. When it comes to deciding on a design, you can go in any way and direction. Whilst brainstorming, there are some other areas of criteria to keep in mind.


  • Symbol and style

This is where you really have to rely on your creative and artistic instincts to come up with a message you are communicating about. There are some factors to take into consideration in this phase such as knowing your brand, target audience and the overall purpose. For example, you are thinking of people who really show their love of patriotism for a country known as the United States of America. In simpler terms, they show their true love of their country. Once you get that idea, it can allow you to make the design of the country’s flag and then people will buy American flag T-shirts.


  • Types of T-shirts

As you know, there are tons of different T-shirt styles that are established in the clothing industry. It is important to choose the right type of T-shirt that will best suit your audience. When it comes to creating the design, you want to make sure to have it scaled to the actual size. A realistically sized canvas will ensure that you can get the proportions of the T-shirt correct.


  • Color

There is something that you need to keep in mind in regards to the color. There are two types of color to constantly think about when creating the design on a T-shirt and they are the color of the fabric and the color of the printed design. You have to find a way to make these two types of colors that will complement each other. A top tip is to use the fabric color as the actual background when coming up with a design.


  • Mock work

This is where you make numerous attempts on creating the perfect T-shirt design.

For example, you have to design a flag of the United States of America on a T-shirt. As you are making the t-shirt design, you realize that you made a mistake that is tough to overlook. One of the worst things to happen is that customers will buy American flag T-shirts that look horrible.

The reason for doing mock work is that you will encounter mistakes. It is also close to impossible to nail it on the first try unless you are a robot doing all the work.


Once you have accomplished the process of incorporating a design on a T-shirt, you are one step closer to having the finished product.


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