Work Accident Claims

Your organisation might be taking care of all the safety precautions and following the standard SOPs put in place, they still can’t completely eradicate the chances of accidents. Taking care of all the safety protocols and SOPs might reduce the risk of such happenings significantly, but completely getting rid of the mishaps is a feat yet to be achieved.  

There are different types of damages and injuries that occur at workplaces, ranging from small issues like cuts or bruises to severe injuries like broken bones, amputations, severe burns, and at times, even casualties. 

If you or someone close to you was unfortunate enough to go through a mishap at work, which results in injuries, you may have the right to submit a workplace accident claim in Glasgow, and receive monetary compensation in return.  


Claiming For Accidents At Work

The law of the UK has made it obligatory for all employers and business owners to provide a safe environment for their workers. They are legally bound for the welfare of their staff and anyone else present on their premises. The law clearly indicates that all businesses should have the employer’s liability insurance, and thereby conform to health and safety rules to ensure that all guidelines are followed. 

Therefore, if you believe your boss failed to fulfill their responsibility and demonstrated negligence causing you damages, you have the right to claim compensation. If your claim becomes successful, you will get the compensation from your employer’s liability insurance.  


Things You Can Claim For 

You can make a claim for a work accident if you’ve picked up injuries at workplace for any of the below-listed reasons:

  • Assault at workplace
  • Colleagues or employer showing negligence 
  • Falling objects
  • Exposure to toxic substances
  • Ill maintained and faulty machinery 
  • Wrong practices
  • SOPs not being followed
  • Insufficient training 
  • Accidents while operating forklifts and other machinery
  • Manually handling objects because of lack of training 
  • Vibration white finger or hand-arm vibration syndrome


How Much Can You Get For Work Accident Claims?

The amount of compensation you get for work accident claims depends on several factors. One of the major factors is the severity of the accident and injury. Secondly, if you need time off from work to recover from injuries. In case you do, then for how long, and how many dependents you have who also had their life impacted because of your loss of earnings. 

To get a fair idea of the amount of compensation you will receive, you can always get a free initial consultation with one of our expert solicitors at Wallace Legal. Our representatives will thoroughly examine your case and advise you accordingly. 

The fee for the entire procedure will also be informed before the case commences. However, this will be done on a No Win No Fee basis, so you won’t have anything to lose. 


Time Limit For Work Accident Claims

The law allows a maximum of 3 year period to submit a claim. This starts from the date when the accident occurred.  If you choose to make a claim after this period, your case might be deemed as time-barred and thereby you will lose the chance of getting compensated. 

This 3-year duration starts from the date when the accident happened, or from the day when you realised that your injury is a direct consequence of the workplace mishap. The latter case is most useful when there is exposure to asbestos because you might not be able to figure out that you have contracted mesothelioma, which is a disease related to asbestos. 

Additionally, If the accident causes the person to die, this 3-year duration will begin from the date when the victim dies. If this death was caused by mesothelioma, this time period will start from the date of the post mortem since the disease might not have been diagnosed until death occurred and it was only found during the post mortem. 

If the victim died while dealing with their claim process, the 3 year period will commence from the date of their death. This will allow their family or closed ones to continue the process.

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