In this age of digital communication have postcards lost their popularity? Maybe a bit! Has the usher of digital marketing techniques reduced the effectiveness of postcard advertising? Not a bit! In fact, it is the opposite. Many successful digital marketers know the promising effect postcards have on a marketing campaign. So they use a good mix of traditional and modern age marketing methods to get the best out of their marketing campaigns. Here are some of the ways you can incorporate postcard advertising in your marketing techniques and get beneficial results. 

Postcard advertising is one of the most fun and creative ways to attract the maximum audience for your product or service. So if you do it right you will get manifold results. Here are the basics of postcard advertising:

1. Don’t miss out on important info

Before you jump into the design and the strategy of your postcard advertising, you must be sure to include the essential information of your business on your postcard. For example, the name of your business and the contact information is one crucial piece of information you should not miss out on while designing your postcard. In case a customer gets interested he or she must be able to contact you for further information on your business. Tell them more about the niche of your business. Shed some light on the specifications of the product or the service you are providing to the customers. Do not be ambiguous. Any ambiguity may lead to confusion which ends up in a negative result for your business. 

2. Design matters

The design of your postcard is also very essential. Think of it in this way. You are provided with a small canvas and you are needed to come up with something that is catchy yet quite clear. You need to put the name of your business and the related details in such a way that the customer is almost instantly attracted to the card the moment he or she sees it. A beautiful and clear design also reduces the chances of your postcard being tossed in the trash. 

You can choose anything from a colorful postcard to a hot foil card. The colors attract the people while the font of the postcard holds the attention of the people. It would be wise to use contrasting colors and fonts so that your message is loud and clear. 

Also do not try to fit everything in a single space. This makes the postcard look cramped up and puzzling. Keep the basic layout of the postcard simple. Introduce white spaces in your postcard to distinguish between different types of information displayed on your postcard. A clever idea is to try an initial design with close friends first and then use it to attract other customers. 

Audience involvement

How would you feel if you are put in a closed room with speakers all around you? Sure, it would be quite awkward for you when there is no involvement from your end. The audience too wants to be involved in the products or the services they are being marketed for. This is where you can be really quirky and creative to maximize your chances of success in postcard marketing. Throw in a kind of puzzle, contest, or a campaign on your postcard. You can also ask for the feedback and the thoughts of the customers. These are all the ways of getting the customer engaged so that they do not feel left out. 

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By aditya

Aditya has been working as a digital marketing expert and consultant for over 10 years. He has seen the world of internet marketing evolve from its infancy and has a strong grip on techniques and concepts that helps him provide the strongest solutions that provide measurable results. He lives & breathes marketing and likes to research and stay up to date on the latest developments and techniques which makes him one of the best marketers around. Besides marketing, Adi likes to travel and spend quality time with friends and families and participates actively in adventure sports.

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