Picking up injuries at the cost of someone else’s negligent behaviour can be very distressing. The state does provide all citizens with the right to claim for negligence demonstrated by others and get compensation money for the damages. However, have you ever wondered, how shall the case proceed if you were already suffering from a pre-existing medical condition before the accident happened and made it worse?

These cases involve plenty of complications. Several questions arise in such circumstances, such as: what exactly will you be compensated for? How will you prove that your pre-existing medical condition deteriorated after the incident?

You should know that it’s absolutely possible to obtain compensation money if your pre-existing injury or medical condition is exacerbated after the accident, given that the other party is to be solely blamed for the incident. That being said, these cases aren’t as straightforward as other personal injury claims usually are, and this is exactly why you need the services of a highly experienced solicitor to get on with this case. Your solicitor will provide you with a free consultation on the whole matter, guide you in making the right decisions, and also provide you with the medical help needed to strengthen the case. 


Right To Claim For Compensation

Picking up injuries because someone else failed to fulfil their duty of care or were negligent entitles you to claim for the damages. If you already were going through pain, due to some illness or injury, a further accident will make things even worse for you, putting you completely out of work for days or even months. This inability to work, along with pain and suffering make you a strong contender for a big settlement amount. 


Seeking Medical Attention

In the event of getting involved in an accident, the first thing you should do is to seek medical treatment. Rushing to a hospital in such cases is important for multiple reasons. 

The first and foremost reason being that several injuries and damages might seem minor or trivial at first, and you won’t feel the need to get any sort of treatment, but over time they can develop into something unbearable for you. You will then have to seek medical aid, but the costs you incur and the extent of your suffering will only get worse. 

Secondly, if you have decided to submit a personal injury claim, your only way to come out as a winner is to bring forth as many shreds of evidence as you possibly can. This evidence includes medical reports and certificates as well. These reports provide immense support to your claim. Additionally, the authoritative party will most probably accept the medical report that suggests this injury is a direct cause of the incident if it was encountered in the period after the accident. 

Furthermore, getting medical help after an accident becomes even more integral if you already had a medical condition. Your medical reports and diagnosis will be the best form of evidence that shows this accident is the reason the pre-existing condition was exacerbated. 

Always remember that you can never do this by yourself. You will have to take the help of a doctor who will provide you with the right format of the statement while illustrating all the details regarding your health. 


Seek Legal Help

All said and done, you will now have to get in touch with a professional solicitor. You are allowed to proceed with your case all by yourself, but that wouldn’t be the wise option if you’re not well-versed in the matters of law. It is important to know about your rights and the whole procedure of how to collect the right evidence and information to make the claim worthy of winning. This is why you must get in touch with a personal injury lawyer who has been dealing with similar cases all their life. They have the needed knowledge about the matter and will know how to draft your claim in the right manner. 

Get in touch with Wallace Legal at your earliest. We will connect you with some of the best no win no fee personal injury lawyers who will provide you with a free consultation on the matter and will only take their fee if your case succeeds.

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