Vintage Grain Sack Pillows

Talking about grain sacks, first, we need to know the history of this classical fabric. Grain sack has a beautiful story of its origin. In early 1800, grain sacks are woven on the farms where hemp and flax were grown. After harvesting, the hemp was washed, dried thoroughly, and woven into a heavy, durable fabric. This fabric is used to make sacks for grains, foods, and other items to transport from the farm to the marketplace.

Many grain sacks were marked by using a logo of their owners so that they can make discreet, amongst others. The very common red and blue stripes are also used to get back these sacks to the rightful owners.

Use of Grain Sack Fabrics in Daily Life

This fabric is so versatile that it presents even nowadays with its glory. It adds a vintage rustic look wherever used and can be used in so many DIY projects.

  1. This is so fresh and clean. This fabric adds a vintage look used to make a tablescape that makes you sit on a table for a while.
  2. Vintage grain sack pillows add charm to your outdoor amenities.
  3. Adding together this fabric and the use of soft cotton will make a comfortable doggy pillow.
  4. Using different dies to this fabric will drastically change its look, and making vintage grain sack pillows will add a dynamic look to your home.
  5. Some people also use this heavy-duty fabric as foot material.
  6. Adding to this in stairs will change the boring wooden look into a 5-star feel.
  7. The material adds a casual and comfortable look to the sofa.
  8. Mini pillow sachets are another level of creativity of this material.

Explore Your Creative Side

This versatile stuff can be used in many more ways depending on your creativity. Many online stores use this material to make different household and decorating stuff that looks so attractive, so people are buying this more often. This popular vintage apparel also available in various online as well as offline stores. Grain sack stockings bring Christmas cheer each year when taking them out of the bins. The fabric has withstood the test of time. It is a hope these stockings will do the same & be a special part of Christmas for many generations.


Grain Sacks are great! Entirely handmade from plant to the finite object, they are truly unique. This heavy-duty material still has a particular place in people’s heart who loves it a vintage and rustic look. It is always a wonderful feeling to think about the people who used to make this magical piece of cloths.

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