Michelin tyre manufacturing company has been in the industry for a long time. It is widely trusted by customers all over the world. The company is famous for providing high-end tyres of optimum quality.

You will have a wide range of products to choose from, and you will never be disappointed by this brand. These tyres do not compromise on performance and durability. If you want to experience enhanced driving efficiency and handling performance, you can buy Michelin Tyres Oswestry.

You can count on honest advice from a team dedicated to their profession. The professionals at Michelin have a lot of expertise installing, repairing, and replacing Michelin tyres on various commercial and personal cars.

Michelin summer tyres

Michelin summer tyres have a distinctive tread pattern that improves traction and shortens braking distances thanks to their block tread design, which provides more giant footprints. These tyres have specialized tread bars that guarantee proper cornering and steering responsiveness. These components, which comprise a strong rubber composite and have a technical groove design, provide the best possible optimum surface.

Best-selling summer tyres :

Primacy 3

Pilot Super Sport

Michelin Primacy 4

Michelin winter tyres

Michelin winter tyres can readily resist cold and challenging weather conditions because they are made of softer rubber compounds with more silica. Their innovative tyre design allows quick water evacuation, reducing the risk of aquaplaning while still providing incredible traction in snowy conditions.

Best-selling winter tyres :

X-Ice Snow

Alpin A4

Alpin 5

Michelin all-season tyre

Michelin all-season tyres combine the best characteristics of its summer and winter models. In both dry and rainy circumstances, these units provide reliable grip, traction, and braking performance. These all-season tyres will assure your vehicle’s performance and stability in a variety of weather conditions.

 Best selling all-season tyre

Agilis CrossClimate


Pilot Sport All-Season 4


Michelin Run-flat tyre

Run-flat tyres are reinforced with sidewalls that enable you to continue with the drive with a punctured tyre. Hence, the Michelin Tyres Oswestry are safe and won’t leave you stranded in the middle of the road.

Best selling run-flat tyres :

Pilot Sport 3 Zero

Michelin Run Flat Tyres – ZP

Michelin Performance tyres

These tyres deliver superlative and unparalleled performance for sports cars. They offer enhanced responsiveness, steering control at higher speeds. Further, Michelin’s performance units also come as OE in top-tier automobile brands, such as Audi, Range Rover, and Mercedes Benz.

Our best-selling performance tyres are:

Pilot Super Sport

Pilot Sport Cup To Connect

Michelin 4×4 tyres

 Michelin 4×4 tyres are designed for comfortable off-road drives. The tread pattern helps in gaining enough traction and grip on different road types. You can expect great handling and steering control from these tyres.

Some popular Michelin 4×4 tyres 



The value of Michelin tyres and their devotion to their clients are always prioritised. This is why they have been a constant supplier of Michelin tyres. Michelin tyres are productive and efficient, with features such as special safety considerations and fuel efficiency, high durability, and greater longevity. You can choose from a wide range of Michelin tyres depending on your comfort and safety.

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