Recently Health Official experts in Brampton and all across GTA have become alarmed by the surprising exponential growth of the Rat and Mouse populations in their communities. There is overwhelming evidence of Rats and Mice are migrating from commercial areas to residential neighborhoods.


Rats and Mice migration from commercial to residential areas of Brampton and the GTA. 

The major Rat and Mice migration is due to the impact of the COVID pandemic. Rodents love alleyways and the dumpsters from restaurants and businesses that have provided and continue to provide them with all the food they need for their previous and future generations, and typically they spend their entire lives there. As restaurants and businesses shut down for 4 to 5 months during COVID, these restaurants and commercial businesses were producing less garbage in the commercial districts/areas leaving no food for rats and mice? This shortage of food forced Rats and Mice to migrate from commercial to residential areas to look for other food sources to raise their young and future generations. Unfortunately, these alternate food sources are your home! Your homes have now become the garbage in residential areas throughout Brampton and in the GTA.

Why so many Rats and Mice in Brampton?

Rats, especially are known to travel long distances to find food sources and harborage, they have moved to plan “B”, which is our homes.  Our home offers everything Rats and Mice colonies need to sustain themselves. Our homes offer all and mice need — food, water and shelter. Furthermore, Rats and Mice are not picky eaters, they tend to chew through anything they see as an obstacle to get to a food or harborage site.  Rats and Mice can also cause a host of serious structural issues. Some of the issues/problems rodents can cause include damaging walls, chewing wiring, and furniture, and they can also carry serious diseases. For these issues, it’s important to get rid of rats and mice as soon as possible before they take a foothold in your homes. The longer y

ou wait the more serious the issues can become.


Who can I contact for Rats and Mice Control in Brampton? 

AR Pest Control Brampton can provide a complete and thorough inspection of your property to identify gaps, cracks and crevasses where Rats and Mice can gain entry. If you examine the exterior of your property and notice any holes in the base of your walls that is a size of a quarter or larger, that can become a point of entry.

We look for holes in your gardens and by the base of trees, which is also a sign of a rodent infestation on your property. Once ARPest Control Brampton completes the initial inspection we can install the first line of defense to protect your property, installing professional-grade, tamper-resistant Exterior Bait Stations, and fill them with industrial-strength rodenticides.

AR Pest Control Brampton is the ONLY Pest Control company in Brampton and all across GTA with a perfect 5 Star Google Review rating with more than 110 reviews.

Your AR Pest Control Brampton has proven methods to control and exterminate Rats and Mice. Due to the danger of property damage, health risks, and risk of loss to businesses, it is advisable to contact your AR Service Representative for Rats, Mice, and for all of pest control needs!

You can contact us for a free no-obligation quote toll-free at 1 (855) 670-7378 or via email at


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