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WordPress is inevitably one of the best platforms for businesses across the world. It is open-source with a massive volume of code generated round-the-clock. Developers love working with WordPress; however, sometimes in haste, they make some terrible mistakes. To err is human, and most developers end up making the same mistakes. Being aware and alert will help developers avoid these mistakes when they are working with a WordPress site.

Top 10 Common WordPress Developer Mistakes and How Can You Avoid Them?

What are these mistakes, and how can you avoid them? This is a question that most WordPress developers will ponder on so here is a list of the most WP developer mistakes you might do with solutions on how to avoid them-

  1. Picking the wrong host- You might build one of the best WordPress websites globally; however, the task is futile if you choose the wrong host. Evaluate and compare all the options available for you. Compare VPS, dedicated, managed, and Cloud hosting. Pick the one that matches the needs of your site.
  2. Not choosing the latest WP plugins and themes- Not all themes and plugins are the same. There is a host of them out there waiting for you; however, not all are updated continuously. A back-dated plugin or theme poses extreme security risks.
  3. Keep things simple- Do not make a cluttered site with too many items in one place. Keep it as simple as possible. This applies to plugins, complicated codes, images that are too large, and more. If you create a detailed site, search engine crawlers will find it challenging to navigate, slowing down the site’s speed.
  4. Overlooking updates- Never ignore any update. Both hardware and software updates must be carried out in time. In the absence of an update at the right time, you will face maintenance and performance issues. This applies to the core WordPress site, its themes and plugins as well. Updates should always be done in a staging environment and later made live. Though they are beneficial, they might cause problems in functioning.
  5. Pay attention to security while creating codes- WordPress, in the past, was touted to be unsafe; however, things have changed now. Developers should ensure their sites are safe and hackers are kept at bay. Make sure the site has the proper security tools and protection to keep cyber threats and crimes away. Install an SSL certificate for security.
  6. Optimize all images- Before you upload images to your WordPress site, ensure they have been completely optimized. This also applies to social media icons. The above will boost the loading speed and the performance of your site.
  7. Forgetting to set up automated backups- This will result in data loss and money that could run into millions of dollars. There are useful WordPress backup plugins available in the market. Choose a good one to keep your data safe.
  8. Not using Google Analytics- You must know how users like your website. This feedback helps you to make improvements and boost leads and sales. Google Analytics helps you here. If you do not set up your website with it, you will not understand its performance and weak points.
  9. Not deploying the proper architecture for WordPress Themes and Plugins- Separate the PHP code from the HTML by executing the MVC patterns in WordPress themes and plugins. For plugins with rich features, use OOP or Object-Oriented Programming.
  10. Not tracking change with Version Control- Custom coded files should be kept under a Version Control System like Git. It helps to track changes and supports all the developers on the same page.

WordPress Standards are strict

WordPress has stringent coding standards for developers. Hire WordPress developers who are aware of them. This helps other developers who wish to dabble with the back-end of a theme or a plugin to change it somehow. This allows them to understand and read the code without hassles.

WordPress Development Services

Improving WordPress plugin development

WordPress Development Services are targeted to bring new and experienced professionals together under a single community. When plugins are being created, there is a lot of confusion and messing up involved. Developers need to resort to trial and error to make the plugin perfect. The WordPress developer community helps each other make innovative themes and plugins on a single platform to cater to modern businesses’ needs with success.

General mistakes while building WordPress theme development and plugins

The following are some of the common mistakes that developers might make while creating themes and plugins for WordPress-

  • Failure to examine the compatibility of PHP versions before coding.
  • Function names are too long. Keep them short, and do not choose bad ones.
  • Forgetting to enable the debug mode.
  • Not abiding by the WordPress standards for coding CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and HTML.
  • Forgetting to add the uninstall function.

Being aware of common WordPress developer mistakes is half the job done when it comes to creating a good WordPress site.

Everyone makes mistakes; however, there is a golden opportunity for you to learn behind every error made. This gives you the chance to practice until you become perfect at every task you undertake for WordPress with success.

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