Sublimation is a simple method to start in the world of confection and personalization, without leaving aside the good quality. This way you can start your customization business with low investment and work from home. How is the sublimation process? Sublimation is a chemical process of thermal transfer where a liquid sublimation ink printed on the paper becomes solid, and high temperature turns into a gas without going through the liquid state, in this process the pigments adhere to materials prepared with resin for sublimation and materials such as polyester fabrics, for example. See this Example of Total Sublimation T-Shirt: Camiseta Evangelica


Epson Inkjet Printer adapted with bulk ink and sublimate ink. The printer used for low and medium sublimation works is the Epson brand that has some models available in the market. It needs to be adapted with bulk ink or refillable cartridges that we will see in the next topic.

Sublimation Ink, This type of ink is specific for product customization, and when heated to a certain temperature triggers a process that we call SUBLIMATION, making it possible to transfer the ink to various types of resin materials such as rubbers, metals, ceramics, rigid plastic and synthetic fabrics and many others.

THERMAL PRESS PLAN exists in some sizes: 38X38 cm, 40X60 cm, for example. They are essential for the customization of t-shirts, slippers, mouse pad, puzzle, cushion covers, can holders, towels, and beer wafers. For the personalization of t-shirts or any other fabric product, it must have a composition of at least 70% polyester. The most used fabrics are polyester, Dry Fit, and microfiber. Its colors must be white or colored with a lighter shade.


As thermal presses compress and heat on high their platforms (resistance), in this way the ink detaches from the paper adhering to the material causing the process of customized sublimation, the ink turns into a gas and then becomes solid without material.


It is the paper used for printing and customization of products. The quality of the paper is primordial for a high-quality personalized product because the paper needs to absorb the exact amount of ink, so that there is no accumulated ink residue, avoiding the bad filling of the colors in the personalized object. The paper storage is very important, it is advisable to have an air-conditioned greenhouse, in case you do not have it, it is recommended to keep it away from humidity and as flat as possible, thus avoiding paper jamming at the time of printing.


Sublimation offers great advantages because of the low investment and the profit margin that can reach 300% per product. Through the sublimation process, it is possible to make products on a large scale or even a unit of a product without having losses in profitability, unlike the silkscreen process where the cost of material and production time is high. The market for customized products in Brazil grows every year and with the online stores, it is possible to sell to the whole country with a very affordable investment.

If you want to enter this branch of Sublimation, there is a very large market on the internet of specific Niche. Just choose your niche and put your creativity into practice: See here an example of an evangelical t-shirt niche: JGstylus

All you have to do is choose the one that comes closest to you, and you will certainly succeed

All you have to do is choose the one that comes closest to you, and you will certainly succeed. In this branch of sublimation, everyone can get a considerable profit. Just have persistence and also do everything with love and passion.

In the beginning, it will seem difficult, but we must never give up our dreams. If you do a quality job, you will surely have a positive result. You have to look for quality fabric, use a quality press, and especially use specific ink so as not to harm the art.

Doing it with affection and a lot of dedication you will stand out and everyone will look for your service and for sure they will hire you and the return will come in the medium and long term. Just persist, never give up your dream. It may seem distant, but with a lot of dedication, success will surely come.

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