pre roll packaging

Pre-rolls are basically the joints that are made by rolling the cannabis flower. They are delicate and sensitive, due to which they need to be handled carefully; otherwise, they might break. Pre roll packaging is the best bet of the manufacturers to preserve these products ideally and maintain their brand reputation. Apart from the practicality, there is another thing which you must focus upon as a cannabis manufacturer, i.e., visual aesthetic. In fact, both of these elements go hand in hand to provide your business a decisive edge over the pack. Below are some techniques to tap the maximum potential of this packaging and make your business a preferred choice for the customers.

Be communicative and informative:

Disclosing the essential product details is the responsibility of every manufacturer. In case they are not taking care of this aspect, they are inviting the trouble for themselves. Never take the risk of ignoring this aspect and slot in even the minutest details concerning your products as they may carry a huge significance in the selling. The pre-rolls are cannabis-derived products that are made in a specific way with certain ingredients. So, always mention the ingredients you utilized and also describe the process of their production process as they matter a lot for the customers. Other than that, explain how your product is compliant with the rules and regulations set by the regulatory authorities to build a positive brand image. Once you are done with the product information, it is now the time to reveal your branding details as a larger proportion of the clients have turned brand-conscious, and they make the purchase only when they know the brand is credible.

Utilize custom inserts:

In the cannabis industry, the pre roll boxes are already well renowned because of their protective features. They mainly utilize cardboard or bux board in their production process, and these materials are the sources from which they derive their sturdiness and durability. No doubt, they provide the best protection against environmental factors; however, the damage can occur from the inside too. For instance, the pre-rolls might get damaged by knocking on the walls of the boxes, or they might intermingle to ruin their taste. For such a scenario, it is always the best strategy to create custom partitions inside them with the help of cardboard-made inserts. These inserts act as dividers for the items and prevent them from jostling around and get over one another to destroy their original flavor and aroma. The creation of such partitions is the right technique to provide the ultimate product protection and to reassure the customers you believe in delivering quality products.

Relating and fascinating graphics:

Earlier, the packaging was viewed from the perspective of protection only, and no one thought of it as an instant source of attraction for the clients. Now, there is a never-ending list of companies utilizing the packaging as a tool to garner the maximum attention in the target market. So, never leave your custom pre roll packaging plain and simple as it might repel the customers away from your cannabis items. One of the best techniques in this particular context is to adorn it with some fascinating graphics that precisely match your original cannabis products. This technique is also in line with the minimalism context, as you do not need to write a hefty amount of words to disclose your product identity. While you are deciding to slot in some product-related graphics, it is important to make sure that the quality of printing is not being compromised, as only the high-quality imagery is able to attract the maximum attention.

Engaging and inspiring shapes:

The shape of the packaging goes a long way in reflecting the position of your brand and provides a hint at your brand personality. So, if you are relying on some rote shapes that are commonly observed in the market, you stand a lesser chance of setting your product apart from the pack. Mold your custom pre roll packaging in some interesting shapes instead of customizing in the same old shapes. The shapes such as hexagonal, pyramidal, pillow, gable, and briefcase work well to enhance the chances of your product standing out. If you want to get further creative and innovative, the best technique is to introduce some windowpanes with the translucent property. This type of shape engages the customers with its beautiful visual display and inspires them to purchase the pre-rolls immediately.

Catchy font and color selection:

Since it is essential to communicate the significant product attributes to the customers, it is equally important to make sure that this information is presented in a proper way. For that, you need to be wise with the selection of typefaces as they are the ones that influence the readability of the printed text. Do not get carried away by some stylish fonts, as they might sometimes hinder the legibility of the printed details. In fact, opt for the typefaces that assure significant spacing between the letters so that the customers do not get confused while reading the product descriptions. The same rule applied to the color selection as well, so restrict your approach to single color use for not distracting the clients. When you are going to slot in some colors in the design of your pre roll boxes, you must consider the choices of potential customers and make sure the selected hues contrast with the background color.

To sum up, pre roll packaging holds certain functionalities that boost up your cannabis business in a short span of time, and that too in a meager amount of resources. The incorporation of some significant product details and a few striking graphics serve a great deal in augmenting your product’s overall impression. Apart from that, you can also consider the injection of some catchy colors and change its design in order to make it work in favor of your business.

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