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Every country is dealing with pandemic right now. Countries have seen a huge drop in growth rate. Everything is coming back to normal, factories and businesses have started their operations. It is a tough time for the businesses and peoples. People are avoiding crowded places, public transportation as much as they can. People are using ride-hailing services to travel, rather than taking public bus, trains. Ride-hailing is amongst the few businesses that is very less affected by this pandemic. Startups who want to maximize their opportunities into a successful business should invest in uber clone app development. If you are starting your business, keep safety standards in minds.

We all know about the potential hold by ride-hailing businesses. There are a lot of companies that have successfully established their billions of dollar companies like Ola, Lyft, Gotaxi. The Ride-hailing business is currently ruled by uber. They are also known for the revolution in the taxi industry. The Revolution of the ride-hailing business started with the innovation of taxi booking apps. This application lets customers book a cab from anywhere with just a mobile app. Every ride-hailing business has developed its application based on one concept. Concept of “Connect Rider and Driver” Together. As per the recent surveys, the ride-hailing business is amongst the few businesses that have seen a minor growth during this pandemic. Startups and entrepreneurs always lookout for a profitable opportunity in the market. Investment in Ride-hailing is a great opportunity for them. Startups always focus on small budgets with high productivity. Therefore it is highly recommended for the startups to go for the uber clone as it is cheaper if we compare it with developing an application from starting. Developing a custom application is always costly if we compare it with ready-made uber like source code.

Ride-hailing business is growing worldwide. Earlier the taxi booking process was not that simple, customers were supposed to visit taxi stands and ask for a taxi. But now this process has been simplified with the innovation of taxi booking applications. Traditional taxi business approaches have become outdated and to survive in this business they need to develop their own uber-like taxi application. Revolution in the taxi industry was started by Uber. They have innovated and developed an application that acts as a bridge between riders and cab drivers. This concept went popular, and many startups have successfully adopted the concept widely known as uber clone script and have established their million-dollar business with it.

Safety Measures on Uber clone app for Taxi Business

Affected Area Indication: This taxi booking app is equipped with GPS, this allows the driver to know about the heatmap. Heatmap helps in locating the area with the most number of users. This heatmap can also be used to show the corona virus patient in the particular area.

SOS Button: “Save our souls” This button adds security and safety for the rider. This button gets activated every time a ride begins. It can be accessed within the mobile application.

Contactless Payment: To keep your customer, driver and services on a safer side. You can turn off the cash option. By allowing this users can pay contactlessly via E-wallets, credit/debit card, PayPal, etc.

Live Chat Option: Both service provider and user can interact within the app in case of difficulty in finding the pickup point of the users.

Checklist To keep your taxi Business safe in Covid-19 Situation

Compulsory Mask for the riders.

PPE kit for the driver as it adds an overall safety.

Sanitization kit for the drivers and customers.

No Carpool: Not safe at this moment

Compulsory Social Distancing

Only Limited Rider are allowed to ride in a vehicle

How to choose uber clone script for your business

When entering the market make sure your survey to know deeply about your targeted customers, locality, and your competitors. Learn about your competitors’ mistakes and develop an application that is feature-rich and specialized for your targeted customer and locality.

How Uber Like App Should be

Easy to Use: Make sure your application has a user-friendly interface. Make sure the booking process is simple and fast. 

Secured: Your application should be simple and secured. Your application should support live tracking through an app.

Universality: Your application should be compatible with every phone Operating system and it should work across the world. 


To Develop such specialized applications you need to hire an app development company, there are a lot of application developers in the market. Make sure you choose a script that is best suited for your business.

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