Here are some of the main benefits of chipboard

Chipboard is a thick paper that is famous for its durability and diverse uses. It is made purely from recycled paper stock. Unlike corrugated cardboard, it is compressed and has no hollow spaces inside. Being flexible and highly durable, it has come up as a great crafting material. It is used for many purposes like the packaging industry, making scrapbooks, decorative objects, tags, creative art projects, and much more. They are being used in so many sectors because of their benefits that other materials cannot offer with that much efficiency. Some of their main advantages are discussed below.

Environmental Sustainability

Many businesses are now reducing the use of such materials that harm the environment in the form of pollution, deforestation, or any problems to human health. Many new environmentally friendly materials have been introduced, but chipboard is superior to all in providing a pure, sustainable solution for packaging needs or other uses. The major reason behind providing increased environmental sustainability is that it is obtained by compressing the recycled paper. This recyclability reduces the amount of waste present on land in the form of land pollution. There is no need to cut trees for fresh raw material as existing raw material is fulfilling this need. In the case of alternative solutions, it can become the major cause of deforestation. This deforestation is leading humanity to global environmental changes. These compressed sheets have efficiently solved this problem.

Protection and Durability

Most of the daily used products are usually quite delicate and need some protection in the form of packaging. These sheets are very famous for the production of durable and attractive gift boxes. Being highly compressed, it can offer high resistance against the influencing factors that try to impact the quality of environmentally sensitive products. Pharma, food, and personal care industries prefer this material for their items because of its contamination resistance qualities. It is available in different thickness levels, and companies needing them can also get it according to their desired thickness seeing the sensitivity of items. It is not hollow from the inside so, there are no chances of humidity to pass through. Since the invention of these sheets, they are famous for their increased lifecycle, making them much durable to serve for purpose efficiently.

Usage Ease

These highly compressed sheets are famous as a crafting material because of their flexible nature and usage ease. It is very easy to craft different objects from them with a die-cutting machine or even with scissors. Other customization techniques can be easily performed in packaging without any difficulty and can be transformed into any shape. Various add-ons and decorative embellishments made from them help to increase the aesthetics of the packaging. This nature has enabled businesses to use this material for different home projects making decorative objects like chandeliers and ornaments for Christmas. It is quite famous for making scrapbooks with attractive and durable pages preserved for decades to transfer the memories to the next generation. Making these scrapbooks is relatively easy by cutting sheets according to requirements.

Saving Storage Space

Every business needs some storage space to keep the items safe for longer durations. Mostly these spaces are a warehouse that has limited space. Companies are manufacturing items from this material purchases in bulk quantities. They have to ship it to their desired destination. Being compressed, they have no air and are not hollow from the inside that makes them too much thick. This fantastic trait allows businesses to ship and store them in bulk quantities. They can stack more sheets over each other by saving a lot of space. It will also lower the risk of being damaged before use. Crafted products and packaging can also be shipped in bulk amounts because of their solid nature. Businesses love a substance that is providing them so many benefits.

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Highly Cost-Effective

Every business formulates many policies to cut costs. They want to save the money in every way possible to invest it in the weaker areas of business for rapid growth and development. Businesses in the packaging industry and those using packaging to deliver their products to market can benefit from it equally. It is an economical alternative to fluted cardboard that is mostly made of fresh virgin pulp or a less amount of recyclable material. Recyclable material is always cheap than those being used freshly. It saves a lot of costs. It is also thinner than cardboard and all other types that can be used in this industry and other fields. It also saves the transportation costs of businesses to ship it from one place to another.

Offers a Better Finish

Many decorative crafted objects, artwork, and gift boxes are made from these compressed sheets. It is quite easy to give an attractive look to the items made from these sheets. They can be given any color of desire. It is also easy to print over this paper stock for branding purposes if used for packaging or any artwork. Giving this paper stock an attractive and charming look is very easy by using various embellishment options, whether it is to use them at home or commercially. Glittering or flocking can be used on them by applying any kind of adhesive and then sprinkling these embellishments over it generously. Acrylic paint is also a perfect option to give the objects made out of it an attractive look. Using the diamond glaze will provide them with a shiny and glossy look, which will increase the charm of things. Many paper manufacturers such as Thunderbolt Paper Company are providing chipboard sheets with adorable printing designs and finishing.

These were some main benefits of an amazingly flexible chipboard. It is extremely easy to craft any items from it with accurate precision. It is becoming a foremost priority of businesses with diverse uses and cost-effectiveness. Their sustainable nature is making them a perfect alternative to traditionally used materials.

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