Testing is an integral and vital part of the overall Software Development process. It can be done manually as well as by using automated tools and techniques. In Manual Testing the App QA testing provider runs various tests on the app and monitors the process all by himself. Whereas in Automated Testing, the machine does exactly the same job which the Tester does without any break delivering more accurate results.  

It’s often observed that many companies still use manual tools and techniques for Testing and Quality Assurance process because they are naïve and ignorant about using the integrated Automated Testing tools on their products. 

There are some obvious advantages of using Automated testing methods over the traditional Manual Testing techniques. Here are few to begin with. 

  • A Tester can run tests 24 x 7 without being physically present in front of the machine. This is means you can even start the tests while heading out of the office and see the results when you come back in the morning. 
  • Automated process means, you can start the Testing process on one device and head over to another job while the system does the rest of the job for you. This saves unnecessary labor costs while using fewer human resources.
  • The automated test scripts that are used in Testing are reusable. This eliminates the need for new test scripts every time and allows the Testers to redo the tests without forgetting crucial steps. 
  • It helps the Testers to find errors and defects at an early stage which saves a lot of time and efforts that goes in fixing the errors at later stages. 
  • The success of Software Quality Assurance projects depends upon the accuracy of the Testing results. Automated UI Testing is far more reliable as compared to the manual tests. 
  • Automated Software Testing is done with latest testing tools and techniques which speeds up the overall Testing process without involving a lot of Testing engineers. 
  • It allows the Tester to run tests on a number of devices simultaneously so that detailed comparative reports can be generated while using same testing environment and other parameters. 
  • Automation Testing allows continuity in the Testing process. This means, a Tester can see what tests have already been performed on a program, which errors were fixed and which aspects still needs to be tested. 
  • Last but not the least, Automated Software Testing process yields in a better-quality app with less use of resources.

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