A cleanroom will offer safe work conditions. These types are modular or hardware types. Softwall Cleanroom types are also named modular types. If you have a hard-wall clean room, you can still install a modular type in the workplace.

You can install a soft wall cleanroom even inside the hard wall cleanroom. They are ideal choices for use as a temporary laboratory workplace. They can also be used along with the manufacturing area. Many firms will also have a modular type clean room installed as their safe warehouse.

These types of rooms are more portable types. So if you are still concerned about when aSoftwall Cleanroomisn’t right for you, then you should continue reading further.

Modular Softwall Cleanrooms

If you do not have the budget

You already have well-established premises or workspace. You also have a well-established laboratory facility indoors. The premise is already equipped with a hard wall cleanroom facility. Installing a soft wall cleanroom is only of the alternatives. You may not have the budget for setting up a separate modular type clean room. This is when you can completely skip installing one on your premises. You can try and use the hard wall cleanroom.

If your manufacturing process gets impacted by environmental factors

There are several manufacturing processes where maintaining consistent environmental conditions is important. Any change in the environmental condition can badly affect the manufacturing process. This is when you have to look around to establish a hard wall cleanroom. Soft wall cleanroom may not maintain consistent environment conditions indoors during the manufacturing stage. So it may not be the right option for you.

 In case you need a secured containment area.

In many cases, you may need to have a very secured containment area. But this is only possible if the containment area is well sealed. For this purpose, you may have to install a hard wall cleanroom facility only. A soft wall cleanroom may not be the right choice in this case. Soft wall rooms do not have permanent and well-sealed enclosures. This is never easy to maintain them as a containment facility. Most hospitals and workspaces where there is a high risk of infection may never find soft wall cleanrooms more effective.

Air circulation is not possible.

In few cases, it may not be possible to filter and circulate the air back again inside the room. If the air is already mixed with a lot of impurities, it may not be possible to filter it and circulate it back again. So you may need a fresh supply of air indoors.

This is why it is more effective to use a hard wall cleanroom. If it is not possible to maintain a very positive airflow in the room, then you should not go for a modular type clean room. Even if the room is drawing air from a ULPA system soft wall cleanroom may not be the right option. 

Fixed doors and hatches

In some of the room facilities, you may have a high risk of infection and pollution. This is when you will have to ensure that the hatch and doors are non-transferable types. This means that the location of the doors and hatches cannot be shifted from one location point to another.

In such cases, it is always advisable to avoid installing a soft wall cleanroom facility. If you have to maintain airtight conditions inside the room as well, you may not be able to install a soft wall type clean room.

Before making your choice, you can search for more information on when a softwall cleanroom isn’t right for you online as well. You will come across a lot of data.

Building regulations

 In some cases, building regulations may as well not permit using soft wall clean rooms. There could be a lot of flaws with the building structure. It may not be efficient in withstanding a heavy workforce. So hard wall cleanroom is the best option.

Before you decide, it is important to get the building inspected by an expert team. This is essential if you have to install an injection molding machine inside the room. Many manufacturing units that have strict regulations imposed will often go for installing hard wall cleanroom. If you have to maintain a lot of cleanliness insider the room, then Hardwall Cleanroom  is the best alternative. It is important to get familiar with the type of workspace you have to create. If the workspace has to be maintained pollutant-free, then a hard wall cleanroom should be installed.

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