The revolution of internet paved a path for the digitization of every sector. And with that came- Social Media- you can hate it, but you can’t ignore it. Social media consists of internet based applications and websites such as Twitter, Linkedin, instagram, facebook etc.  that are flooded with user generated content in the form of written posts, images, videos and digital advertisements etc. 

Why social media presence is important for your brands?

While sponsored PPC campaigns and product display ads on Amazon are a huge hit, we should not ignore the power of social media. It’s the most vital and crucial advertising and marketing channel that is rapidly used by Amazon full service agency to build a brand image in the otherwise competitive market. 

Ignoring social media apps for running sponsored campaigns can prove quite costly to your online business. Sellers can also contact a Amazon FBA PPC campaign management company to run sponsored ad campaigns for your brand. 

Here is why the sellers should run their brand advertisements on social media platforms;

  • The sellers can directly connect with the users about their brand’s journey and products through story telling. 
  • Marketing on social media channel helps in increasing awareness about your product or brand through various advertisement campaigns which directly influence the number of sales. 
  • Social media allows for interaction between a potential buyer and the seller. You can directly answer their queries regarding the product details, shipping information and other inquiries that they might have. This helps building a trust based relationship between both. 
  • It gives your brand added value content.
  • Because your ad gets shown to the target audience with similar interests, hence the sellers can engage them in conversation and tell more about their products. 
  • Being on social media platforms directly persuade and increase the brand’s sales and generate revenue.
  • Marketing on any social media website and application is comparatively cost effective and can be done without any additional help from some google ad campaign agency.

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