Technology has made life easier in many aspects. Each department, from education to business, and healthcare is taking advantage of digital technology in this era. One of the byproducts of digital technology – mobile apps has been taking part in changing the dynamics of healthcare facilities for a while now, especially in the eldercare facilities. Taking care of the elderly is a challenge itself. One has to keep a check on many things like proper medication, monitoring of any health issue, and following timely doctor appointments. Thanks to modern technology, with the help of digital tools, the job of family caregivers and home care companies is not as arduous and demanding as before.


According to a study that focused on the benefits of mobile apps in the healthcare industry for the elderly, the functions of many smartphone applications have shown to minimize the load on the caregivers and improve the health consequences for many patients in elderly homes. Although, there are a plethora of such applications in the market now that help caregivers in attending their patients with more efficiency. The applications that top the list in 2020 are:


1)  CareZone:

CareZone is an app that allows the user to manage the care of themselves and their loved ones with the help of a seamless system. With this app, you can monitor all the health care information safely and securely, without getting scared of losing crucial documentations. CareZone is a user-friendly app that helps you take care of your elderly parents or patients by providing you with a platform where you can keep track of medication, refilling of pills, doctor appointments, and can store important files as well.

Moreover, you can scan and save prescriptions of all the medicines as well, which eases the task of sharing them with doctors. All in all, this app is all about bringing privacy, simplicity, and peace to the patients and the caregivers. Also, it is available on both Google and iTunes as well.


2)  eCare21:

Initially, the goal of this application was to help healthcare providers and patients with billing and care coordination but, now it is more valuable for elderly care facilities as it offers a range of beneficial functions. With this app, the caregiver can tail the routine activities of the patients like how many steps they have taken in their morning run or how many hours of sleep they had the last night. This app allows the caregiver to extract such vital information in real-time that is advantageous when it comes to taking care of an elderly patient. Furthermore, eCare21 is available for both Android, as well as Apple users.


3)  MyMeds:

This app works exceptionally well with patients who forget to take their medications. MyMeds comes with a log where the user can enter the list of medications they have to take daily. Caregivers of such people who keep forgetting to take their meds can download this app on their phones, and then keep track of whether they are missing out on any vital medication or not. When the patient receiving care takes medicine, they can enter it in the log so the caregivers can monitor the tracking list. MyMeds is advantageous for both the patient and the caregivers, as it helps in mitigating any health risk caused by missing a certain medication.


Taking care of everything from food to hygiene to medication management, especially when the care receiver is an older person, is not an easy job. If you are a caregiver of such a patient, these apps can do wonders for you in all and many ways.


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