It has become quite important to make a smart decision while selecting the right water purifier. You may know that the quality of the water will have a direct impact on your health. Also, a purifier will not only ensure a healthy life for you but your loved ones. Whenever it comes to selecting a new water purifier for your home seems a daunting task, without any doubt. Although you will find plenty of options available in the market, you will find some amazing brands. Most of the people believe that every purifier will not do the job in the same way.

However, we would like to talk about the things that you need to consider. Let’s find out below.

  • Check The Filter Components

There are so many filters available such as pre-carbon, pre-sediments, and post-carbon filters are available, and it must be there is a good purifier. The post-carbon filters will remove particulates from water. On the other hand, the pre-carbon filter will also absorb the organic impurities and odor from your drinking water. Whereas the post-carbon filter will enhance the taste as well as the quality of the water. Hence, you need to make sure that you are selecting the right filter. If you want to get the best water purifier for home In India, you should check this before buying one.

  • Check The Storage Capacity

Another important factor that you need to check before buying one for your home is nothing but storage capacity. If you live in an area where the electricity is a huge issue and the power cut has become a regular tantrum, you need to look into this factor before anything else. If you do not have enough idea of how much water you need daily, you need to get an idea on this and check accordingly. In case the capacity of the water purifier caters to your requirement, then you should go for that only.

  • Look Over The Build-Up Of The Product

While choosing a water purifier, you need to consider the buildup because it will only ensure maximum durability. The purifier must be made up of engineering grade plastic, as this is the only best option. Furthermore, you will have to ensure that the plastic is food grade as well. You should never use any random plastic container in terms of storing the purified water. It will increase the toxicity of the water. Hence, only if it is made of the food-grade plastic, then can you hassle-free use it. You will find it in the water purifier; otherwise, you can also ask the provider.

  • Do Not Forget To Check About The Maintenance Service

There are a few water purifiers that need regular maintenance, and the cost is also high. We know that a water purifier is an electric appliance that needs basic maintenance, but regular maintenance can cost you a bit high. Although the maintenance will somehow depend on the filtration, and if you choose a high filtration, then you will have to pay more to the technician. A basic water purification technology will cut off the extra cost that you are supposed to spend on maintenance. If you choose to go with RO, you will see that it has a somehow higher maintenance cost, and it can go up to 5k per year. Hence, you know it is very important to check the after-sales service and maintenance cost before buying a water purifier.

  • Do Not Forget To Read Reviews

Nowadays, we have so many choices, and reviews os undoubtedly one of those. Scrutinizing in your way is pretty important, and you should do it before making any final decision. You may find the name of the water purifier or the company you will choose; you will surely get to read so many reviews by the existing customers on the web. Going through the customer reviews, you will understand the customers’ experience, and you will be able to decide whether it is worth the money. You should never waste your money on something that will not worth it.

  • Check The Water Quality

Before finalizing any purifier, you need to check the quality of the water. If you are living in an urban area, then the water source is a municipality. Although the water is already treated still it is not at all safe for drinking. We would never suggest you drink impure water. Rather, you need to check the TDS level in your drinking water and then only drink it!

Final Words

We have now discussed all the important factors that you need to check before buying a water purifier. Considering the increasing level of water purifiers, we can not help but buy water purifiers!

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