Second-Hand Tyres

Buying a new car is a huge achievement; however, maintaining a car is not easy and requires your constant attention and care. Whether it is frequently checking the tyres or the engine, vehicles are machines after all and would break down at some point in time. Tyres, similarly will not last for more than 8 years, and even if they do, it will not be under good circumstances. Every time you drive, your tyres undergo wear and tear, and it accelerates depending on the external factors and driving habits. 

When thinking of replacing tyres, often car owners get confused about whether they should invest in a new set of car tyres Lincoln or go for second ones. Purchasing second-hand tyres often seem tempting as they cost almost half of the original price. But are they really worth it? Would it be a worthy investment in the long run? These are some of the questions that should be figured out using the below-mentioned advantages and disadvantages. 

What Are The Advantages? 

  • Helps You Save Money: This is the biggest advantage of purchasing second-hand run flat tyres Lincoln. The decreased price point does not burn a hole in your pocket. The obvious reasons behind this being you are buying tyres which have already been used once or even twice. You could end up saving up to 50% of the original cost when you invest in these tyres. This reason makes buying these tires so appealing. 
  • Helps You Reduce Waste: Every year, millions of tons of tyres are wasted, burned or either put inside landfills. This causes a negative impact on the environment which could be countered by reducing the tyre generated waste and going for second-hand tyres. If you are conscious about your role in saving the environment, this could be an ideal solution. This also enables the manufacturers to produce less, and demand for new tyres decreases. 
  • No Need To Buy A Full Set: Only one tyre has punctured? You might have faced a situation where your one tyre gets damaged, but you have to change the whole set, including the spare one. This could lead to a huge cost. Buying second-hand tyres are beneficial as you can buy tyres separately without having to invest in a full set. 

What Are The Disadvantages? 

  • Have To Use Previously Worn Out Tyres: When you purchase second-hand tyres, you do not know how many weeks or years they have been used. When purchasing used tyres, it is crucial that you check the tread, if it is anywhere near 1.6mm, it would be a waste of money investing in these. Sometimes the wear and tear would not be completely visible; therefore, you should check thoroughly.  
  • Tough Purchasing Conditions: When you purchase online second-hand tyres, figuring out the tyre condition could be difficult. When you cannot observe and inspect the tyres before purchase, you cannot be completely sure of what you will be getting. Make sure the seller you are purchasing from is a licensed and reliable one.
  • No Warranty: This is one of the major setbacks of purchasing second-hand tyres. When you buy original products directly from the manufacturer, you get a warranty period. This is not valid when the tyres are brought second-hand. Because you have no idea of how long they have been used, you cannot be sure of how long they will last. They could go on for weeks or even years. This way you might not end up saving money but would be losing more.

Therefore, these are some of the pros and cons of used tyres that you should be aware of. Talk to a tyre dealer if you are not sure of the right choice. Most experts would advise you to invest in first-hand original car tyres Lincoln; however, it comes down to what would benefit you more.

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