Scrap cars are in high demand as people are switching from their old rusty vehicles to new sleeker ones. Statistics show that 35% of the cars have been sold off to reputable companies like Acres Cash for Cars to get the best prices out of their old cars. However, it is essential to know the right prices for your scrap cars in 2021. The average data shows that small cars are being sold at $100, medium-sized cars between $150-$200. The SUV’s and other heavy vehicles are being sold for as high as $300-$500 which makes it a great time to get rid of your old vehicles. 

The scrap metal price is determined using two basic factors, the amount of reusable metal in it and its weight. The higher these two things are the higher your car will value. You can keep this simple system in mind to determine the price the next time you wonder, “What might be the value of my car?”

A major problem nowadays is that the pandemic has greatly affected scrap metal prices but we have lined up a few factors that might help you determine the prices of scrap metal.

How To Get Quick Scrap Metal Prices

Although you might get various prices while selling scrap metal, all these businesses use the same basic formula to determine the price. Knowing the formula for this can help you determine your scrap metal prices in no time. 

Car weight in tons × Scrap metal price per ton

This formula can help you determine the least value of the scrap metal. You should always go for the least value because not all scrap metal is reusable which may result in a lower price than your calculation. It is best to keep an eye on the least value and anything higher than you get is a plus.

Tips For Best Scrap Metal Prices

There are other tips to make sure that you get the best scrap metal prices for your vehicles that are as follows:

Keep A Track Of the Scrap Metal Prices

It is important to keep a track of the current scrap metal prices if you want to sell off your car soon. This has become quite simple thanks to technological advancements as you can view these prices through phone apps. An iScrap App is a great option for someone who wants a quick estimation of their scrap metal.

You should also take a stroll through the metal market if you want extra information rather than just online input. We also suggest contacting a scrap metal expert if you want to get a professional option along with a quotation for your car.

Make A Spreadsheet

It is important to sort out all the offers for your scrap metal if you want to get the best price. The easiest way of doing this is making a spreadsheet of all the buyers and the prices that they offer. Structuring these will help you sort the prices out better and then sell off your car accordingly.

Sell Your Cars As Soon As Possible

We also suggest being quick when you have decided to sell your scrap metal. Waiting longer might lower the price that you will get because of market fluctuation, rusting and other technical issues. The best approach is to get an instant price and then sell it off immediately. 

Get Extra If Your Car Runs

We understand that you are handing off your car to be dismantled and to be sold for scrap but you can get extra money for it if it is drivable. It is a basic market principle that cars that are functional amount to more. You can also sell your car in an auction if it works fine to get a higher price than just selling it off in scrap.

In A Nutshell

The prices of scrap metal may drop anytime soon so we suggest contacting reputable brands like Acres Cash for Cars for the best scrap metal prices in 2021. They are known to remove your scrap cars and give you a well-deserving amount for them instantly. 

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