Say Sorry WIth Flowers

Flowers are the perfect embodiment of our emotions. While people love to convey their thoughts and emotions in the form of a letter or through a speech, sometimes this might not be possible. Some feelings and emotions that are highly intense such as love or apology might not be portrayed to the best extent through words. For such feelings, flowers are an amazing way of conveying your thoughts towards the other person. It is a preferred way of delivering your wishes or portraying sorrow to the other person in almost every culture.

Different Shades of Flowers

Different flowers with different shades denote different feelings. I love the way flowers play a major role in my relationship although we are miles apart. My boyfriend stays in Bangalore and every time I miss him or want to let him know how I feel, I send flowers to Pune through online services. Let me assure you that it works every time, he simply loves my surprises.

Flowers as a Medium of Your Apology

People sometimes mess up in relationships, and that’s quite normal, to be honest. We are human beings and can make mistakes with how we treat others in our life. While sometimes the mistake can be overcome by saying sorry, other times a simple sorry might not work. That’s when you need the backup plan of gifting flowers as a part of your apology. Let’s narrow down a few flowers that are great apology mediums.


Symbolizing Rebirth or Rejuvenation, lilies are a perfect gift when you are looking forward to mending a relationship. Lilies denote that you want to have a new and even better restart to your relationship. Lilies can also be looked upon as a symbol of purity and faith. With the technology and internet, no matter where you are and no matter the distance between you, you can send your message of apology. You can now order flowers online to your loved one as a token of your apology and love.


Roses are great at expressing feelings of love, care, and passion. Especially if you want to apologize to your partner, roses can be a great way of extending your heartfelt sorry. Gifting someone with flowers immediately portrays the warmth that you have for that person in your heart. Apart from extending your apology, roses are great anniversary flowers as well. So the next time you want to say sorry to your partner, get a beautiful Rose bouquet for them and maybe add some chocolates for that extra dash of efforts towards your relationship.

White Tulips

White is a color that portrays purity and peace. Tulips are an amazing way to express your sincere apologies. Through white tulips, you can ask for forgiveness and peace in your relationship. Tulips are bulb flowers and the simplicity as well as the elegance they hold proves them as a great gift for someone who is associated with you more professionally. These flowers have a long vase life and so they will grace the homes of your loved ones long after you have gifted them. So go for White tulips when you wish to say sorry to someone close and it will always pay back huge.

White Orchids

No matter what the occasion is or what the emotion is, Orchids prove to be a very good gift. When we talk about white orchids, we talk about care and trustworthiness. Use these flowers as a band-aid to your messed up relationships and this will help you extend your love to them again with a hint of apology as well as sincerity.   Apart from white Orchids, you can also use other shades of these flowers for many other occasions such as they can double up as great happy anniversary Flowers as well.

Blue Hyacinths

Hyacinths also belong to the lily plant family. These highly fragrant and bulbous flowers have their origins long back in the history of Greeks. Blue Hyacinths represent the action of making peace with someone and so they are a great medium of expressing your sorry to the one you don’t want to lose.


Overall I would like to highlight the fact that no matter which flower you gift to the person who is mad at you, your apology needs to be as sincere as it can be. While I couldn’t go all the way to Bangalore for letting my boyfriend know that I was sorry I used to browse the best site to send flowers to Chennai and deliver them through that platform. So remember, no distance or miscommunication can break your bond until you have that passion in you towards the relationship and the other person. Flowers will represent and convey what’s in your heart but your actions, too pave a way for forgiveness so make your intentions pure.

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