Since its invention, the evolution of TVs has not stopped. Scientists and engineers have constantly worked to get to levels better than what already exists. And that is what’s happening again. Samsung recently announced that it has been working on Mini LED Smart TVs. 

Samsung mini led tv

The South-Korean giant is reportedly ready to ship around 2 million units of mini LED Smart TVs in 2021. The consumer electronics giant is reportedly working on mini LED Smart TVs, which will come in two forms: QLED and micro-LED TVs. The brand also recently previewed and showcased its micro-LED TVs at the CES 2020. 

Smart TVs till now

From the grainy black-and-white, televisions have come a long way. Smart TVs now come with full HD and 4K display resolution. With a standard Samsung LED TV, you can do almost anything — watch shows and movies from your favorite OTT platforms, watch a football game live, or command your TV to play a song. The vivid details while watching a match can give you a better experience than a front-row seat inside the stadium! 

The prices of LED TVs have also come down, as competition between manufacturing brands started getting intense. For example, a 32-inch LED TV price today is almost half of what it used to cost, as brands like Mi, Vu, and even Samsung have unveiled smart TVs at pocket-friendly prices.

Mini LED technology 

Samsung Display, a related sector of Samsung is preparing a special Quantum Dots (QD) display for its premium smart TV models. These new mini-LED smart TVs will come with both brightness and picture quality upgrades. Such TVs will use small LEDs with a size of 100 to 300 micrometers each as a backlight, which will enhance the brightness of the screen. This is called mini LED technology. 

The small LEDs put together will also bring about a clearer effect on the quality of the picture. It will have a wider color gamut and a better HDR too. The quality of the picture is supposed to be great, and definitely a lot better than the general OLEDs. 

More features 

The new line-up will also have TVs with 4K UHD resolution and will be available in various sizes. The sizes on offer are reportedly 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches, and even 85 inch TVs.


Although prices have not been revealed, Samsung has confirmed that the TVs will be affordable and the product will definitely be worth the price. 


Samsung is currently working on the line-up, and they are expected to hit the stores in the first half of 2021. And Samsung plans to sell 2 million units of the mini LED smart TVs by the end of 2021 alone. It is going to be the first of its kind, and will surely leave a mark in the TV industry. 

Mini LED chips

To ship 2 million TV units, a total of 30 billion mini LED chips would be required. And a lot of companies like Epistar, FitTech, Apex, and others are now competing to get their mini LED chips to reach Samsung.

More mini-LED technology 

This mini LED smart TV from Samsung is one of a kind. This has already inspired Apple to start working on mini LED technology. The year 2021 is going to see a lot of new devices based on this very technology. 

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