So , this product of samsung is one of the finest phone .

It supports 4G 3G and 2G network so that customer can enjoy high connectivity with their loved ones.

Launched DateFebruary 15,2021

Operating systemAndroid V11


  • Reverse charging support

And interesting feature of this phone is reverse charging support

Under this feature customer can charge their respective phone just with a contact of another same type of devices.


  • Finger print

Here we get side mounted finger print sensor , actually it means finger print sensor also works as power button.


  • Battery backup

As we know that time and work is very important and so we want that our customer can manage their time in a better way so samsung has given us amazing battery power of 7000mAh.


  • Camera

Now it’s time for cool features which is mostly attractive and famous in youth as well for capturing their sweet , bitter , happy , funny and many more memories 

Which is camera so this phone has 64MP with sony imx 682 sensor and it’s screen size 16.95cm.


  • Storage

So guys in these fast moving days people are very busy with their works and continuously tackling with so much of data and our team consider ours customer problem so as a solution of this problem, in this phone samsung is giving 128GB internal memory with 6GB ram and 

customer can expand its memory upto 1TB.

  • Security

We always give first priority to security in our life similarly this phone also provides a high security of defence grade of knox security to our customer


  • Sim Type

Sim Type is dual , so that customer can switch their network according to their need.


  • Processor

Processor is the mind of any phone as we know that Which always handles the functions of device So that’s why company is providing one of the best processor, Exynos 9825 with octa core 2.73Ghz.


  • About sensors used in this device

Accelerometer sensor – This sensor is used for measuring position and movement of the users . According to the action and activities it collects data and respond accordingly .


Fingerprint sensor – This is sensor is one of the most important sensor from security point of view. This sensor takes as fingerprint of user as input and it will save this fingerprint into device so whenever users open their phone, device firstly takes their fingerprint for unlocking phone and it compare with the original one , so when it matches then phone will unlock otherwise it will don’t allow to enter into device.

Gyro sensor – Basically it is a motion detection sensor , whenever user rotate their phone like in 90 degree then this sensor senses the motion and rotates the screen as well.

Light sensor – Light sensor switch brightness of device according to the density of light .

Proximity sensor – This sensor switch off the screen when user put their phone near ear so basically it prevents from keypad presses and battery consumption as well.

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