RTA Cabinets

RTA or ready-to-assemble cabinets, as the name suggests, are available in a ready condition. All you need to assemble the parts following the manufacturer’s instructions. Essential parts along with fixtures like screws, hinges, and wood come along with the order. Not only the kitchens, the cabinets are a good and less-pricey option also for the bathrooms. These are a high-quality alternative to standard cabinets. The key benefits of RTA cabinets are affordability, quickness, variety, ease of shipping, and the convenience of time management. These are the few things that make them stand out in the crowd of custom cabinets. But don’t forget to choose the right manufacturer, if you want to rest assured about the quality. Choose a company that uses only wood or plywood, not particle boards.

Benefits of RTA cabinets

Now let’s talk about the key benefits of RTA wholesale kitchen cabinets broadly.

  • Quickness – If you place an order for a pre-built or custom kitchen cabinetry, you might have to wait quite a long time to get them shipped. But with RTA cabinets, you don’t have to wait longer. Also, you don’t need labors for these items. In most cases, they remain in the stores in a ready to ship condition. This facility is not available with custom cabinets. And, thus by ordering an RTA unit, you can save a lot of time.
  • VarietyRTA cabinets come in various designs so you can choose any as per your need and budget. Usually, they’re available in grey and white colors, which go perfect with any appliances, countertops, walls, and flooring themes. For the kitchens, there are different kinds of cabinets so they fit the design of your kitchen. Make sure you have a quick look at the product range offered by your preferred vendor.
  • Shipping – If you buy pre-assembled cabinetry, it may seem to be a great idea initially as you can save a good amount of time on assembling. But the key drawback associated with such cabinets is shipping. RTA cabinets come in a flat box. In contrast, custom and pre-assembled units arrive in a huge shipment. This can be quite costly and troublesome to store. Since they are not assembled yet, ready-to-assemble cabinets are not prone to transit damages. Moreover, you can have better control over the entire process. You can also save a lot on shipping charges. Besides, custom cabinets take longer to be dispatched. However, RTA cabinets are shipped right on time.
  • Affordability – The most prominent and dramatic difference between the ready-to-assemble and custom cabinets is the cost. Custom counterparts are quite costly that not every individual can afford them. As the cabinets are created depending on individual measurements, it takes more time to build them. And as a result, the time factor reflects in the price tag. But this doesn’t apply to RTA cabinets. A wholesale kitchen cabinet is a great option in terms of budget.
  • Easy to assemble– Ready-to-assemble cabinets arrive with ‘how to assemble’ instructions from the manufacturer. The process of assembly is easy so the homeowners can do the same without any issue if they have a little experience of renovation. However, if you’re not comfortable with that, you can hire a contractor. A professional can manage the entire thing even in a faster way.

As it comes to a kitchen remodeling process, functionality, aesthetic values, and durability should be the most important factors to consider. Complete the project on your own and have a great experience.

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