Credit Card

A credit card is still considered a safe and reliable payment option in the current digitised era that is also relatively easy to handle. In addition to being hassle-free, a swipe of a credit card provides the opportunity to build a good credit score and earn numerous rewards, cash-backs, and promotional gifts offered by the bank. While most credit cards come with pre-defined terms and conditions, RBL bank offers a unique chance to design a credit card that suits your lifestyle.

With RBL Bank YOUnique credit card, you get a chance to build a tailor-made credit card exclusively made to fulfil your requirement along with providing the additional benefits and discount vouchers. While some people love shopping or going to movies, others spend their money on travelling or tasting delicacies from around the world, and a Younique credit card helps in celebrating your individuality by offering an exhaustive range of services according to your preferences.

Read on to know more about the eligibility, features, and benefits of an RBL Bank YOUnique credit card.


  • Age: The candidate’s age should be between 23 and 60 years.
  • Monthly income: The salary of the candidate should be at least INR 25,000 per month.
  • Credit Score: The candidate should have a healthy credit score without any default history on a credit card or loan payment.


RBL Bank offers the freedom to customise the credit card per your convenience, taste, and budget, along with the following features:

  • While you can handpick benefits suiting your lifestyle requirements, a key feature of the YOUnique card is that you will be charged only for what you choose. All the services you add will have a price tag attached to them, and the calculated total amount will be your annual card fee. However, if you do not add any benefits from the list, there will be no annual fee charged on your credit card.
  • Another crucial feature includes rebuilding your card before it is issued, i.e. adding or removing benefits if you change your mind. Additionally, the bank allows you to rebuild the Younique credit card every year from scratch to choose from a range of old and new benefits.
  • Upon signing in to the Younique account through the member login option, you can use several services such as paying the bill, setting credit card PIN, tracking transaction history, modifying the credit limit, and redeeming reward points.


  • Your total annual fee is the sum of the prices of all the benefits you add to your card. However, if you don’t add any benefit, the following basic benefits are still included by default in all YOUnique cards:
    • One reward point on every ₹100 spent (except on fuel)
    • Fuel surcharge waiver of up to ₹100 every month (on transactions between ₹500-₹4000)
  • A person can choose from a broad range of rewards and discounts offered by the bank on shopping, entertainment, travel, F&B, lifestyle, food apps, etc. There is no upper or lower limit for customising the card, and one can select from a long list of benefits.

The complete process to build your unique credit card is quite easy and swift. Therefore, hop on the journey to fulfil your ambitions and reap maximum benefits with a handpicked bundle of joy, i.e. RBL Bank Younique credit card.


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