Redecorating is one of the best ways to change the look and feel of your abode without spending on renovations and overhauls. Sometimes, all it takes is a nice set of interior décor or a smart mix and match of styles.

Here are some useful tips on how to transform your house through decorating.

Hang textiles on your walls

You don’t need extra space to add a décor. You can use a plain vacant wall to hang a statement piece. A nice textile with intricate deign or pattern, for instance, can instantly add life to a boring room. Throw rugs are not just for floors; they make nice wall accents as well. Choose fabrics with interesting colors, patterns, and textures to add drama to any room.

Add a pop of color

Never be afraid to incorporate colors on your interior design. Go with bold colors such as purple for your hallway walls. Hang a vivid orange art as accent over a boring fireplace. Paint your floor with a bright blue to match your white furniture. Feel free to add contrast but don’t overdo it.

Decorate a vacant table

Use a vacant table to display things that can add personality to the area. You can use it to showcase your collections or some accents such as minimalist vases, ceramics, and artisan pots. Lifestyle shops such as Ka-pok offers a variety of simple yet high quality decors and furniture that can freshen up your rooms.

Reuse old decors

In some cases, you don’t need new pieces to redecorate your home. You can use old decorations by mixing and matching them. For example, you can arrange old artworks to create a bold gallery on one side of the room. Rugs and carpets can be layered to achieve a different feel. Furniture can be set in a different configuration for a newer look.

These are only some of the many simple ways to decorate your home. The keywords here are creativity and resourcefulness. Use your imagination and sense of style and balance. That way, you will never have to spend a lot just to give your house a new look that you can be proud of.

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