Surface roughness is used to check the irregularities of any machined surface. One can determine the roughness of a surface through the eye or by rubbing one’s fingertips through it. In this case, the irregularities are more than the surface, it will turn to be rough, and it will be smooth if small. It plays an important role in understanding the interaction of the object with nature.

To measure the severity, the surface roughness tester is used. This will help you to measure the waves and roughness of that particular surface. One can find these testers on; they offer you with a wide range of testers for all. The uneven shapes and sizes may affect the performances of the product. Therefore, it is highly important to maintain the performances of the product.

There are different ways through which the roughness of the surface can be determined. The methods like linear roughness measurement and areal roughness measurement. They are used for measuring the surface line area. They can be measured through two methods called contact type and non-contact type. In the first method, the tip of the stylus touches the sample surface direct. In the second form, the light is emitted on the surface without touching the sample.  One has to follow various restrictions that are put up to perform this process.

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