What counselling?

In psychology, counselling is an act of helping an individual in identifying his/her mental or health-related problems like stress, anxiety, depression, tension and much more.

In counselling, a psychologist is the person who studies the individual’s mental process and behaviour and gives them advice on how to deal with mental or health issues.

In a broad sense, counselling comes in various forms and types and can be used to cope with various problems and issues in life. In counselling, a person meets a professional who is an expert in handling issues related to marriage, depression, anxiety, parenting, career and much more.

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Introduction to the course:

So, you have decided to learn about psychology, counselling and therapy. That’s good.

But you are confused where to start from?

If yes, then worry no more. Mindsight Clinic is where you should be when it comes to learning about psychology, counselling and therapy. Mindsight Clinic is the no 1 counselling centre in Mumbai, India.

Its Psychologist counselling course will teach you various approaches that have historically been taken to counselling. These approaches will take you through topics like existential, rational emotive, person-centred perspectives and more.

This course will also take you through modern-day psychology that allows an individual to discuss their human experience in an open friendly environment.


The course is best suitable for you if you want to make your career as a psychologist, counsellor or therapist.

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What will you learn in this course?

This Psychologist counselling course will give you a holistic understanding of what counselling is and how it can be used to make people’s lives better. 

The course will take you through advanced counselling skills and modules that you can use to improve your life, career as well as relationship. You can also use the learnings from this course to make others’ lives better.

In this course, you’ll also learn about theoretical frameworks, people skills, and communication patterns that will help you if you are counselling any individual or client.

This Psychologist counselling course is designed in such a way that it will help you in gaining person-centric counselling skills which is very essential when it comes to counselling any client or individual.


Another good thing about this course is that it will take you through various psychological principles, tools, techniques and methodologies that are vital in the practice of counselling.


Also, this course will help you in understanding how to use knowledge and skill while you are interacting with your friends, family and colleagues.

What are the advantages of Mindsight‘s psychologist counselling course?

  • Practical learning

The biggest benefit of Mindsight’s psychologist counselling course is that it is backed by practical learning, live examples and case studies. At Mindsight, our trainers don’t believe in theoretical learning, that’s why they follow a practical learning approach.

Practical learning will give you hands-on experience with various tools and techniques about counselling.

It will also help you in increasing your confidence and help you in getting enough competent skills.

  • Advance course modules.

The Psychologist counselling course at Mindsight Clinic not only covers basic topics but also advanced concepts like how to establish a relationship using counselling skills, psychological principles, counselling tools, techniques and much more.

These advanced topics will give an edge over other counselling professionals and students.

Also, you won’t find such an advance and comprehensive course elsewhere in Mumbai, India.

  • Excellent faculty support.

At Mindsight Clinic, we provide excellent faculty support to each of the course participants. Our expert and talented trainers create a friendly learning environment so that each participant can ask his/her doubts freely and without any hesitation.

Also, our trainers will teach you in a very personalized format so that you can learn things in a quick way.

  • Internship opportunity.

Another benefit of Mindsight’s Psychologist counselling course is that it is backed by internship opportunities. Internships will help you in working under the guidance of experienced professionals.

It will also help you in practising and improving your skills while learning how to work.

Also, an internship will help you in getting industry exposure and will also enhance your soft skills like communication, punctuality and time management skills.

  • Certificates.

At the end of this course, each of the course participants will be provided with the certificate of completion. This certificate will help you in getting a job. It will also set you apart from others in the competition.

  • Learning from experts.

At Mindsight Clinic, we have a team of expert psychologists, counsellors and therapists who will be teaching you each and every aspect of counselling, psychology and therapy.

Our trainers have a wide range of experience in this field and they will help you in all possible ways so that you can learn A-Z about counselling.

Who can enrol in this course?

  • Students who are willing to make their career in counselling and 
  • Professional psychologists, counsellor and therapist can also enrol in this course.
  • Anyone who wants to train and become their own counsellor or therapist.


  • Understanding counselling.
  •  A brief explanation of DSM.
  • Learn the art of listening Introspection, change certain attitudes and habits, not in agreement with correct counselling.
  •  Get in touch with yourself in order to have a better understanding of others.
  • Get expressed to various kinds of counselling such as counselling psychology, emotional therapy, grief counselling, marriage counselling, person-centred therapy, relationship counselling, solution-focused therapy, and suicide intervention.
  •  Learn how to identify a problem using various tools.
  •  Learn therapies that help resolve problems.
  •  Steps of counselling


Rs 47,000.


The duration of this course is 6-months and it includes 21 sessions.


What is counselling?

In psychology, counselling is an act of helping an individual in identifying his/her mental or health-related problems like stress, anxiety, depression, tension and much more.

What are the benefits of Mindisght’s Counselling course?

Mindsight’s counselling course comes with 100% practical learning, internship opportunity and certificates.

What is the fee of counselling course in Mumbai?

The fee of the counselling course at Mindsight Clinic is Rs 47,000.

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