Pros & Cons of Parental Control Apps

Kids can’t understand the difference between wrong and right. When it comes to the internet, teens and tweens can’t distinguish what content they should watch. This is the parent’s responsibility to keep track of the kids and learn what they are up to. As we know, the internet is not only for searching the content as it holds social media and many other online activities. It is impossible to follow every activity without any help. Here, top parental monitoring apps help the parents to keep track of the kid’s internet usage and what content they search for.

Isn’t it interesting?

Well, it is quite interesting and this way, you can see how you should educate the kids about it.

But many people do not know how parental control app works, let’s discuss the functionality of these apps.

The functionality of the Parental Control App:

The parental control app is used to limit the internet/device usage and let the parents set the screen time. Modern apps offer some advanced features to monitor the child’s device, including location tracking, social media, block inappropriate content, search content filters, calls recordings, etc. It follows three steps only:

  1. Buy the license and get the credentials (log on to the dashboard).
  2. Install the app on the target device (which will work stealthily in the background)
  3. Log on to the web-based control panel and use the dashboard to monitor the running activities of the target device user.

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Where the use of such apps helps the parents, it can also create trust issues between the kids and the parents. To make things crystal clear, we have come with the pros and cons of parental control apps.


  1. Location Tracking: Teens/kids wander carefree and do not inform the parents when they leave or enter the home. After installing the parental monitoring app in the child’s device, parents can track the location and also can check the location history because teens do not like to be asked about their visited places.
  2. Block inappropriate websites and mobile Apps: Parental control apps let you take action against any digital inappropriate activity. This might be possible that your kid searches for improper content and can install apps that can harm their mental health. Why? Because there is so much vulgar content available on the internet and your kid can also interact with violent games, which can raise the sense of the crimes.
  3. Gather all the data: These apps cover not the only location but go far beyond than you think. Parents can check on what their kids watch on YouTube, browser history, contact list, incoming and outgoing calls, social media access, etc.
  4. Reduce the risk of cyberbullying: Using the parental monitoring app eliminates the risk of cyberbullying, online molestation, and other cyber threats. Parents can check the bad apples in the contact list and keep kids safe from online dangers. These apps also detect cyberthreats and send alerts to the end-user to resolve the issue at once.

Cons of Using Parental Monitoring App:

  1. Create trust issues between parents and kids: It might be possible that the use of parental monitoring apps can impact the relation of the child-parent relation. Your child might think that you do not trust.
  2.  Hight Cost: If you think that you can use free apps to monitor your kid’s device, then you are wrong. Because many parental monitoring apps provide limited features for free, and parents need to pay a high cost to buy advanced features.

Educate your children about the cyber world!

Kids/Teens need to know how to behave in the internet world. Parents should educate the kids about the negative side of the internet and how they can survive.

If you are going to get help from the parental control app, then you must earn the kid’s trust and show them the reasons. You can also use non-intrusive apps that work stealthily in the background and will not shake your child’s confidence.

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