Long before the pandemic, the redundant ‘one size fits all’ approach adopted by education institutes had begun to gather condemnatory statements from academicians around the world. This equation has now come to better light with online classes and virtual learning programs that are shifting the educational trajectory for students and teachers alike. There are several reasons, such as improper devices or poor internet connections because of which the student base is suffering and missing out on a lot. Children, especially the ones in primary and middle school, are falling behind on their curriculums and struggling to engage academically. The pandemic has significantly widened the gap between learning and engagement.

How has COVID-19 affected the schooling system?

According to the World Economic Forum, about 1.2 billion children in 186 countries are affected by school closures caused by the pandemic; The interdependence of K-12, high education, and workforce learning have been critically highlighted because of the same. With faculties and parents worrying over the increasing gap of high and low-achieving students to the decreasing numbers of SAT or ACT takers, the pandemic has brought upon concerns for everyone. 

The World Bank reports that COVID-19 can result in a loss of half a year worth of quality schooling, which brings down the significant years from 7.9 years to 7.3 years; This is equivalent to about $16,000 reduction in a student’s work-life at current value. With students losing out on education converts to them losing out on various opportunities that could have far-reaching consequences. 

How is Private Tutoring Helpful?

Parents frenzied by their concerns about decreasing the quality of education are now turning towards home-schooling and private tutors. The private tutoring market is projected to grow to $105.9 Billion at an annual growth rate of 7% as reported by Business Wire

Private tutoring can fill in the gaps and present the kids with a tailor-made structure to compensate for everything they have missed due to the pandemic. However, we cannot ignore the fact that there are numerous websites with course materials available online. But the kids, especially the ones below grade 6, require constant attention and visual cues to indulge effectively and this is what private tutoring can help you with. 

Private tutoring has opened up avenues for parents to get their children the desired level of learning without having to compromise with their safety; This also goes for kids preparing for SATs or ACTs or any other niche tests. With private tutoring, they get the required level of exposure and learning, all the while, continuing with their classes. 

Private Tutoring vs Traditional Schooling

With traditional schooling systems’ rigid and teacher-centric approach, it is harder for kids to learn and grasp the information fed to them. Traditional schooling systems lack standardization in terms of giving equal attention to every student. The pace of learning varies from kid to kid, and it is next to impossible for a teaching facility to get everyone at the same scale. Private tutoring, on the other hand, offers a personalized approach for every student, and this helps them in aligning their lesson plans and empower students to reach their maximum potential. Private tutoring is self-regulatory and enables the kid in determining their desired direction, as opposed to traditional schooling. 

Which Should You Prefer?

As for the logistics of managing a whole classroom full of students, it can be challenging for tutors to assist students individually. Private tutors, on the other hand, provide a multitude of options and cater personally to every student. The quality of education can often step back in the traditional schooling systems, but private tutoring offers a high-quality personalized learning experience. Another significant contributor to the success of private tutoring is parental involvement. With traditional schooling systems, parental involvement is limited and restricted to PTA meetings and events. However, private tutoring gets parents involved in each core step and helps in creating a balanced environment. 

There are far fewer distractions when a student learns in a small group or individually as compared to a classroom full of students. Private sessions also allow students to communicate effectively with their tutors without having to worry about embarrassing themselves in front of their peers; This results in increased confidence and self-esteem. Private tutors can also create intrinsic motivation in students by covering additional material in their preferred subjects. Private tutoring also provides students with a much higher degree of flexibility as compared to traditional schooling. This allows kids to pursue other hobbies and develop on a broader level. Traditional schools leave significantly less room for recreational activities and personal interests. Parents can cultivate a nurturing environment for their children with the help of private tutors.

How can Landon Schertz help?

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