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What is Precision Oncology?

Precision oncology ensures that your cancer treatment is customised and targeted towards your cancer as no two cancers are ultimately the same, due to different mutations driving the cancer.

Precision oncology also helps pharmaceutical companies to quickly bring new therapies to the market, benefitting patients who urgently require those treatments and therapies.

How does Precision Oncology Work? 

Precision oncology refers to the use of each patient’s individual genetics – the mutated genes, causing the cancer to grow – to create customised, diverse strategies in cancer medicine such as targeted therapy, to treat those mutated genes.

Does Precision Oncology Really Work? 

precision oncology

Cancer is data-starved and without the appropriate data, interventions often come too late. To have the best chance of recovery from cancer, you need treatments that target your specific mutations.

Early detection of cancer: Highly sensitive tests make use of data from thousands of cancer patients to detect early cancer in individuals who show no outward symptoms, but have a higher chance of developing cancer.

These blood-based tests seek to increase early detection of cancer and overcome the challenges of existing cancer screening methods.

Faster treatment selection for patients with advanced cancer: Certain therapies provide better patient outcomes and fewer side effects than broad-based chemotherapy.

The FDA-approved Guardant360® CDx matches patients with the best treatments, with a simple blood draw which provides comprehensive genomic results.

Accelerating clinical trials: For pharmaceutical companies, patients whose cancer has the right molecular profile can be enrolled into their clinical programs. 

Precision tools help monitor their response to investigational drugs or combinations of drugs, and perform retrospective analyses on plasma samples in storage.

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Precision oncology is becoming increasingly important for advanced cancer patients as it has opened up new avenues to explore in our fight against cancer using data.

Guardant leverages the data from the tens of thousands of samples sequenced to date to help better understand cancer and shape future products so you can have targeted and customised therapies quickly.

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