Email marketing is an effective tool that helps in deepening the relationship with the customers. For non-profits, it is an effective way to drive donations. With email marketing, you can share the news about what the organization is doing, provide opportunities to broadcast the new campaigns. Along with these, email marketing serves as a platform for sharing testimonials as well as stories about the different organization is making. Here are the ways that can improve the strategies of email marketing non-profit

  • Segmentation

Segmentation is an effective practice. Via market subscription lists, you can segment the subscribers. You might all-purpose emails that go out to all the subscribers on the list and emails that go out to certain target lists. You might also have a separate segmented list for the supporterdonating high amounts. Having separate lists could help you customize the messaging to people who are opening the emails.


  • Use Analytics

Analytics play a crucial role in email marketing. When you pay attention to email analytics, you can use that for future planning. Data coming from the email marketing software could help you gather the insights about kinds of content that your audience responds to. Split testing as well as evaluating results could help to fine-tune the

  • email layout
  • Email size
  • Best time to send the email
  • Placement of buttons and graphics
  • Best day to get results with the new donations, etc.


  • Leverage Survey

One of the best ways to get the idea about what the subscriber requires from the email newsletter is to ask them the thing they like, the thing they don’t like. Surveys could help you in gaining insights about the audience as well as showing them that you actually care about sharing the information that would be useful for the audience.


  • Spare Some Time for Great Results

One of the significant practicesof effective email marketing is to spare some extra time working on it. Ensure you spare some time for

  • Crafting as well as sending the great mails
  • Reading comments or the social media feedback
  • Checking the analytics after the campaigns have gone out

By doing this, you would gain insights that would help you in providing value to the subscribers. Moreover, this would encourage the existing subscribers to recruit others in order to learn about the organizations and help you find ways to strengthen the bonds with existing donors.

  • Storytelling

It is worth noting that when people read a touching and compelling story, they donate more. In case you integrate storytelling in email marketing, it could impact your ability to gain the attention of your reader as well as their wish to share that story. Further, they could help you with marketing that could lead to stories going viral, increased subscription rates, boost in donations, and making difference to future fund-raise efforts.

No matter how many topics you include in the emails you send, it is advised to include at least one case of how your organization helps to bring positive change. Along with these practices, prioritize growing the email list. Offering free webinars, online contests, online petitions, etc. would help you grow the email list swiftly.





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