paired t test

Do you wish to know where you can implicitness your knowledge about paired t-test? Here is a basic guide on two dependent samples paired t-test and its use in two significant domains i.e. business marketing and drug research. Two dependent sample pair t-test is utilized to find out whether the mean of a dependent variable is similar in two related groups. E.g., the Paired t-test can be used to test the before and after the result of an experiment or treatment, say whether there was any significant difference in the heath of cancer patients before and after taking the new drug available in the market.

T dependent sample paired t-test is an excellent method to identify the mean difference if taking place at a constant time pace. However, there are a few limitations that are associated with the test is: You cannot use the test for more than two samples.

A few examples of practical use of two dependent samples paired T-test:

Use in business marketing:

The paired t-test is a popular method used in the marketing domain to identify whether a marketing strategy is useful or not. E.g., a startup business introduces a marketing camp to hype their sales. On recording the data of sales before and after the campaign and applying two dependent sample t-tests to the sets can help find out if there is any actual increase in the sales.

Use in medicine:

The dependent paired t-test and other types of the t-test are often used in the medical testing and research department. One of the most significant uses of this test is to find out whether a newly designed drug or treatment is effective or not. For example, an analysis is the conduct of a freshly designed drug that claims to reduce obesity by increasing the metabolism of patience. Recording the metabolic rate of the patients on a routine and taking the result after taking medicine with a similar diet can help the research to find if the drug is valid or not. By applying two dependent t-tests can help you to identify if obtained results from before and after group are significant or not.

Similarly, the two dependent paired t test is also used in the manufacturing and logistics industry to keep a check on the process and management.

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