With the advancement in technology, devices have become lightweight, portable, and much more easy to use than they used to be. These advancements have helped in shaping the future of many industries. Most of the sectors now use mobile devices to get their work done faster and decrease the turnaround time. One such innovative solution is portable printers. They are a valuable addition to any business.

What is a portable printer?

A portable printer allows you to print your stickers and documents through a wireless connection. Portable sticker printers are lightweight and are very convenient for practical usage. You can get yourself a portable sticker printer if you are in logistics, mobile business, or simply for the benefits these devices offer. A mobile business owner would make the most out of a portable sticker printer as they often need receipts at various places. They may also need to print invoices at the wholesale shops and give the customers receipts as they go on doing their business on the move. 

To help such business owners with their taxes and record tallies, portable printers come in handy. All they need is a portable sticker printer and a tablet-POS system. The tablet-POS system helps to generate receipts for every transaction made and records each transaction in its database. You can also configure the system to send out an email to the customer’s email ID. 

Benefits of using a Portable sticker printer

Compact size

Mobile sticker printers are much more compact in size compared to their bulkier counterparts. The average weight of a mobile sticker printer is around five to seven pounds and has dimensions of 13’ X 7’. There are a lot of options to choose from. However, it must be noted that with the reduction in size the features and options also get reduced. You can get yourself a custom-built printer. You will have to look out for a POS vendor and they can sell you the printer of your preference. 


The mobile sticker printer is compatible with almost every device. This is due to the fact that they use a wireless connection to queue print jobs. Also, the POS system is also connected to the printer using a fully wireless setup. Thus there are seldom compatibility issues with these printers and systems. It is always advisable to buy your POS system and printer from the same place as it would offer maximum benefits.


The portable printers have a high processing speed. They are efficient and demonstrate an effective printing speed and maintain quality throughout. As per your requirement, a compact portable sticker printer can generate up to five pages every minute. If you feel that this speed does not match up to your daily needs then there are mobile printers that offer around 16 to 25 pages per minute. The speed of the printer is heavily dependent upon the processing of the image and the queuing of print jobs. In a wireless connection, the queuing is done using POS systems. Thus if your POS system is well set up then there would not be any issues with the printer speed. 

Battery standby

The mobile sticker printers have an impressive battery backup. The average battery backup of a mobile sticker printer is around eight to ten hours on a single charge. Hence, it is useful for businesses that are always on the move and get very little time to charge their business peripherals.


Portable mobile sticker printers have extreme durability. They are made to last. They are resistant to spills and dings. The printer has a hard exterior casing but this does not mean that you should be throwing the printer here and there. Any printer no matter how tough it is can not escape a major crash on a hard floor. So handle them with care.

Drawbacks of mobile sticker printer:

Every coin has two sides. Likewise, the mobile sticker printer has its share of drawbacks along with the advantages.

Not a robust choice

Wireless printers have their own capacity and mounting them with many print queuing jobs would end in a breakdown. Such scenarios are common when there are a lot of receipts to print at one go. So it is advisable to tread lightly with these printers.

Prone to damages

As these printers are portable they are often hauled from one place to another. In such situations, carelessness may lead to permanent damage to these printers. Also, the cost of repairing these printers is very high. The parts are not easily available and this is the reason for most people discarding the device altogether. 

Not so cost-friendly

Do not get fooled by the small size of these devices. They are expensive than full-size printers. In fact, on average, these small printers cost 20% than traditional printers. 

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