Podcast Microphone Sound Card Kit,Professional Studio Condenser Mic&G3 Live Sound Mixer/Voice Changer/Audio Interface/Audio Mixer for Streaming/Gaming/Recording/Singing/Tiktok/YouTube/PC/Computer

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Product Description


podcast equipment bundlepodcast equipment bundle

tenlamp G3-L9 Portable All-in-one Kit for Live Streaming, Podcast, Recording

tenlamp G3 vocal effect processor is a learning, entertaining and cost-effective sound card for live streaming. G3 Portable Podcast Production Studio is exactly what for beginners and intermediate podcast when you step your foot into starting live streaming, podcast, radio shows, or making simple music or video. It combines audio interface, mixer, amplifier and voice changer, plug and play, easy to use, and work well on smartphone, tablet or computer.

It delivers superb sound quality and offers intuitive and full control to mix your audio in real time, change your voice, add interesting sound effects, control the volume of all your audio sources in real time, so you can keep your focus where it needs to be. Use vocal effects including: Reverb, Pitch Shift, Gender Bend, Megaphone, ect. Help streamer to easily provide professional or interesting audio content creation for engage your audience and entertain your community.

L9 microphone is a 32mm large diaphragm cardioid condenser mic. it features high sensitivity, loud sound, wide pickup range and great for project/home studio applications. Coming with a adjustable desktop mic stand and shock mount is convenient to use on desk. due to L9 microphone characteristic, it is recommended to use in a quiet studio or room.

G3 Audio Console Functionality

Built-in DSP audio chip for audio processing Mixing, monitoring, and equalizer in real time Multi-people and multi-devices simultaneous live streaming 24 funny sound FX + 3 voice changer + 5 sound scenes modes Music accompaniment input by BT, phone, PC, ect Auto ducking mic input, remove vocals, Loopback Built-in 1000 mAh battery for working lasting

podcast microphonepodcast microphone

audio interface

audio interface

microphone interface

microphone interface

streaming mixer

streaming mixer

soundboard for PC

soundboard for PC

Monitoring All Your Audio Sources In Real Time

Warm Tip:

The monitoring volume is controlled by Monitor knob; Headset jack is designed for headphone with mic. you can use your headset live stream. it can input vocals and also monitor all sounds.

Two Microphone Input Simultaneously

Warm Tip:

The Microphone jacks is 3.5mm jack, you can connect microphones with XLR to 3.5mm microphone cable,and 48V microphone needs external power supply before it can be plugged into this jack.

Stream or Output To 2 Live Platforms Or Recording Devices

Warm Tip:

Output or stream to smartphone, laptop, desktop computer, cameraThe volume of this two output jacks is controlled by “Record” knob.

Wire and BT wireless Music Accompaniment Input

warm tips:

PC accompanying can connect USB jack or headphone jack of PCAccompaniment volume can be controlled by Music knob BT ID: G3 SoundCard, BT function is for music accompaniment.

audio mixer

audio mixer

audio ducking

audio ducking



singing mixer

singing mixer

Built-in Battery For Working Lasting And Convenience

Warm Tip:

Please don’t use while charging, to avoid current interference and noise.

One-key Auto Ducking Mic Input

When the streamer speaks, the sound card will automatically lower the volume of the accompaniment music, and automatically resume when stop speaking.

Loopback Function For PC Live Or Recording

Short press the Power button to turn on/off Loopback function. It is recommended to turn on the Loopback function when using the PC for live broadcast or accompaniment, so that the audience can hear all the sounds in your computer.

Remove 85% Singer’s Vocal In Song

When you sing or cover, you can use this function to eliminate most of the vocals in song.

dj controllerdj controller

sound boardsound board

Package include:

1 * G3 audio console, 1 * L9 black/black-red microphone, 1 * G3 romote controller, 1 * desk mic stand, 1 * black monitoring earbud headphone, 1 * shock mount, 1 * XLR to 3.5mm mic cable, 3 * 3.5mm to 3.5mm TRRS audio cables, 1 USB to micro-USB charging cable.

Warm Tips:

Computer or Laptop Live Streaming Settings

1. After the connection is correct, find the small speaker LOGO in the lower right corner of the screen, right-click—select the Sound setting, if not, select the playment device and the recording device; 2. Set both the input and out put to: Tenlamp G3 SoundCard or MV-AP82X. After setting, click Apply to confirm. 3. The software used by the computer also needs to be set, such as accompaniment software and live stream software. In the software-“Settings”, set the audio input and output of “sound card”, “audio output”, “microphone”, etc. to: Tenlamp G3 SoundCard or MV-AP82X, click Apply and confirm.


It performs well on PC, however, we can’t make sure that it is 100% compatible with iOS and Android systems( the system are constantly updating) via digital connection. If the USB digital connection doesn’t work, please use the 3.5mm TRRS cable (USB-C or Lightning to 3.5mm adapter may be required but not included) to connect your device.

Sound Quality

G3 Kit is a entertaining audio equipment, works well for streaming, podcasting and broadcasting, but the sound quality might not be as good as very professional DJ mixer.


Not support USB microphone or XLR to XLR microphone; 48V microphone needs external power supply and XLR to 3.5mm mic cable before it can be plugged into this jack; Musical instrument audio input by 3.5mm “Music” jack; Output audio to camera or camcorder need 3.5mm TRS cable or adapter.


BT function only for music accompaniment, has distance limit. short press Power Switch button to turn on/off Loopback function, this function should be turned on when use laptop or computer live streaming or playing accompaniment music, so that audience could hear the sound from PC, otherwise, audience can only hear the mic sound.

User Manual

For better user experience, we provide more detailed E-edition user manual(PDF) below the link.

All in One Kit and EASY TO USE: Combine USB sound card and audio DJ mixer equipments in one. It delivers wonderful High-fidelity sound quality and offers adjustment button to optimize vocal and sound effects. The G3 sound board comes with a studio recording microphone, [PLAY AND PLUG, No Driver Required], which allow you start podcasting or live streaming easily. Start recording when you plug into the smartphones or PC/laptop.
Bornd for Live Streaming: Tenlamp G3 live soundcard & L9 mic kit are professional live broadcast combinatio. Highlights of this set, 5 live streaming modes for you, you can change your voice to the uncle, godness, baby, also 6 special voice changing. 2 person live, 2 mic inputs, BT wireless Accompaniment input, and real-time monitoring yourself voice.
Professional Tuning Master: Built-in high-performance 32-bit DSP noise reduction audio chip, 320 MHz main frequency, 4 times the processing speed of ordinary sound cards, 2 large knobs: adjust the volume of the microphone and accompaniment, 6 long track push buttons: adjust treble/bass, voice changing, reverb, monitoring, recording, accompaniment balance, as well as B-T accompaniment, it will bring you the perfect sound quality enjoyment for your live broadcast and recording.
Multifunction Live Sound Mixer: G3 Sound Card for podcast has 5 Live Streaming Scene Modes: KTV, Popping, Magic, Origin, MC, 3 voice changer: uncle, godness, baby, 12 electronic music tones, 24 special Funny Sound Effects, special recommendation: dodge function, eliminating original singing function. 2 large knobs and 6 push buttons to help you adjust the sound and volume. Easily Start Whole New Blog Journey, Show your charm in live streaming.
Studio recording Condenser Mic: The L9 streaming microphone with stand for YouTube equipment is a multi-purpose mic with a 32mm diaphragm, for recording your signal clearly. it features a low self-noise and handles ear-shattering sound pressure levels. wide frequency response (50 to 18000 hz) captures the full audible spectrum; High sensitivity and low signal to noise ratio records every subtle nuance of your source audio; The L9 podcast mic for PC gives you smooth, natural sound quality.
Great Mixing Device Compatibility: Compatible with computer, PC, laptop, (iPad, iPhone, maybe needs the Adapter) tablets, smartphone, speaker gaming devices, Ps4, PSN, Xbox One, Xbox, Switch, IOS, Android, Windows, and electronic musical instrument.
You Will Get: 1 * G3 Live Sound Card, 1 * G3 Soundcard Special Sound Effect Remote, 1 * L9 Black-Red Condenser Microphone, 1 * 3.5mm Earphone, 1 * XLR Cable, 1 * Mic Shock Mount, 1 * Desktop Microphone stand, 1 * USB Data Cable, 3 * 3.5mm to 3.5mm Audio Cable, 1 * User Manual.

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