PHILISN Car Wax Kit - Car Shine Spray - Hybrid Hydrophobic Car Polish & Waterless Wash for Car Detailing | Spray Wax Car Sealant & Paint Protection (Safe for All Finishes Including Ceramic Coatings)

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Ceramic Coating KitCeramic Coating Kit

Ceramic Coating Kit Ceramic Coating Kit

Quick Coating STEP1

Quick Coating STEP1

Ceramic Coating 2

Ceramic Coating 2

Ceramic Coating 3

Ceramic Coating 3


After washing and rinsing your vehicle, apply a mist of Fhilisn Spray Wax over your car.

Spray Wax can be used on a Ceramic Coated vehicle, however, you’re going to want to stick to Ceramic Boost to feed the SiO2 particles more of their own chemistry.


Dry off with a swipe of Philisn Single Soft Microfiber Sponge.

Spray wax can be used as a stand alone wax for roughly 1-2 months of protection, a drying aid, or a simple spray and wipe product after freshly polishing or claying your vehicle to protect it before a more substantial product is used.


When looking back at our product line, we wanted to have something that’s effective, that cuts time, and that simply fits a need to our customer basis. We looked at possibly upgrading and improving Car Wax Kit, but how can you improve something that’s already perfect? We developed Spray Wax after countless requests for it and wanted to have a specific rejuvenator for our wax applications.

Philisn Spray Wax provides an extremely slick shine and glow to your vehicle’s finish and adds extended protection to your current wax or sealant.


24H & 5 Years of Polish24H & 5 Years of Polish

Traditional waxes require messy, tedious, and time-consuming application processes to get great results. Philisn Spray Wax only takes seconds to shine and protect any color vehicle from harmful pollution, bug and bird stains, water spots, and more! Philisn Spray Wax is Carnauba infused for maximum shine and protection on your paintwork, polished metal, clear plastics, and glass. With the Philisn Spray Wax, you can expect a streak free finish with advanced UV blockers to protect your vehicle from the harmful effects of the sun. Simply mist Spray Wax over a clean surface, allow it to dry to a haze, then buff off with a premium microfiber cloth or towel.

Top Coat Paint ProtectionTop Coat Paint Protection

Car Wax Polish SprayCar Wax Polish Spray

car quick shinecar quick shine

INNOVATIVE CHEMICAL CAR WAX! Philisn Car Care Shiny Kit includes everything you need for exterior care and polish! The products in the kit are: Ceramic Liquid Wax, NANO Ceramic Spray Coating. It can turn your car surface glossy and shiny in seconds, and protect car paint lasting for up to 12 months. Just three simple steps and you’re all set! It’s a swiss army knife for auto detailer.
STREAK FREE & SAFE FOR ANY SURFACE! Philisn’s signature NANO + SiO2 technology brings the gloss and reflections up another level! It can give your car paint surface a silck-like luster like magic.Also is a gentle and effective car polish for plastic,tires,wheel, paint, & trim! So, protect all the vehicles in your garage with our car detailing supplies and make sure your trucks, RVs, boats, motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs and more are protected.
PREVENT FROM ENVIRONMENTAL CONTAMINANTS! Hydrophobic formulation works at the molecular nano level to create a perfect layer on surface where water behavior becomes highly active, resulting in accelerating water to flow away any treated surface rapidly. Philisn ceramic coating kit fights against UVA & UVB rays, grime, mud, snow, pollen, smog, bird droppings to help extend the life of your paintwork.
TOWELS! It’s essential for chemicals in your kit to work with the right towel to play the best effectiveness.1 Professional Microfiber Towel for ceramic coating, With Over 480,000 Fibers Per Square Inch. Pamper your car paint with the softest microfiber towel. 2 Blue round ceramic coating wax applicator pads, 1 Grip Handle.Making the application faster and easier while keeping hands clean.
We Care About Customer Satisfaction! We Care About Quality!We are willing to listen to your opinions and make improvement consistently. If you’re not satisfied with our product, for ANY REASON, contact with PHILISN anytime after your purchase, we guarantee to provide you with satisfied service. So what are you waiting for?! — Click ‘Add to Cart’ Now!

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