When it comes to perfumes, many myths surround this extensive industry. The misunderstandings and misconceptions about fragrances lead to many confusions. That is why it is imperative to debunk them, so you can enjoy the full experience of wearing a luxurious fragrance. 


The story of perfumes is an interesting one. Fragrances have made travel around the globe and gained influences from various cultures. However, the journey also fired up the rumor mill, which gave birth to a number of myths.  If you are curious about the common misconceptions about perfumes, read on. 


Myth # 1 Perfumes have an expiry date 

Perfumes do not have an expiration date. However, one common occurrence in old perfumes is that they might experience a slight change in color and odor. Especially, scents that contain a high number of natural ingredients may be subjected to such alterations. This transformation is the result of the oxidation of some natural ingredients. If you want to prolong the scent of your perfumes, keep them away from direct sunlight to limit any chances of oxidation. In the unfortunate case that oxidation has occurred, the scent may be quite different from when you initially made the purchase. With that said, proper storage can ensure that your fragrance remains fresh for a long period of time. 


Myth # 2 Perfumes last longer if your rub your wrist together after applying them 

You will find many people who are under the impression that; if you want your perfumes to last longer, rub your wrists together. Well, the truth is the total opposite. The composition of fragrances consists of many chemical compounds, mostly organic. These molecules are sensitive to heat and friction. So, when you rub your wrists together, after spraying perfume on them, the heat of the friction might help in carrying the scent around, but it would also aid in its rapid evaporation. Moreover, the heat of the friction will also make the perfume fade away quicker than it normally would. The right approach is to apply the perfume, leave it alone, and let it do its own thing. 


Myth # 3 Perfume is for women and cologne is for men 


Perfumes are typically genderless. The primary reason genders are assigned to fragrances is to identify the demographic of the audience to which they appeal to. The only difference between a perfume and a cologne is the variation in the percentage of oil. Colognes contain about 3-5% oil. Whereas, in perfumes, the range is around 10-15%. Advertisers and companies take advantage of such conjectures to market products for a particular type of target audience. That is why you will come across more masculine colognes with a clear and strong fragrance, while the majority of perfumes are more feminine with fruity scents. However, as perfumes last longer than colognes, they are a much better option. 


Myth # 4 Stronger perfume, better smell 

While it is true that a  perfume with a stronger fragrance will give off a more evident smell, you can not say for sure that it will carry a more pleasant scent. Fragrances that consist of aggressive aromatic compounds end up offering an overwhelming and unpleasant smell. Despite that, every human being has their threshold of bearing certain strengths of fragrances. In some countries, people are used to wearing perfumes with intense aromas, whereas in others, people like to use scents with a subtle touch. So, when you are purchasing a fragrance, keep in mind that a pungent scent is not always pleasant!

Myth # 5 Perfumes must carry the same scent throughout the day 

Fragrances are made up of compounds with different volatilities. Each perfume comprises a top note, heart note and base note. After a few minutes of application, the top note fades away. The heart notes of the fragrances can last for the duration of approximately fifteen minutes. Whereas the base notes can last for a few hours, however, the time period for this may vary from perfume to perfume. With that said, many perfumes with extraordinary layers of middle and base notes may reveal exciting twists in the aroma. Considering this, it is always recommended to buy a perfume after testing out the changes in the fragrance the entire day.


Myth # 6 Perfumes kept in the fridge last longer 

The only deal-breaker when it comes to maintaining the quality of a perfume is storing it in a humid place with fluctuating temperature. Keeping the perfume in the fridge can expose it to temperature changes, which can speed up the expiration process. Perfumes and colognes require a dark and cold place for storage. The ideal place to store your perfume is inside a dark closet or a wardrobe. Additionally, keeping the bottle in its original box can also protect the scent and increase its durability.

Myth # 7 Only expensive perfumes are quality fragrances 

This myth is a tricky one. As you read earlier, fragrances are all about preferences. The reason why expensive perfumes demand a higher cost is due to the brand name they are associated with. Meanwhile, economically priced fragrances also use the same materials, but they do not include the high charges involved with luxurious packaging.  Therefore, if you buy cheap perfumes online, you can still smell great. 


With these myths debunked, you can carry out a successful perfume shopping spree without worrying about hearsay. To explore a wide range of alluring and reasonably-priced perfumes, visit Match Fragrances! 

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