Thinking why anybody will spend a bundle of money in the Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi router? Just a few months back, I was checking for the solution of slow internet online, and guess what Google showed me a number of products from Netgear to Tplink router that can help me with the fastest internet services at my home. Believe me, I have tried a group of Wi-Fi devices but everyone failed to satisfy my needs for excellent internet that does not get slow on browsing Netflix movies, continuing conferences, or playing games at the same time, even my children can continue their studies nowadays.

It’s was like a battle for me to find the best in the crowd of the fully branded routers, finally, somehow I got an Orbi router and that’s the journey where I stopped my legs. Till now I am dependent on this is a fast, reliable, and valuable orbi device without a single complaint.


Do you know why the orbi router is unique and is different from other Netgear’s router? It’s because it has Orbi satellite that has made it possible to give high Wi-Fi coverage to the large areas without an interruption.

  • More than that, it gives super-fast speed no matter how many users are connected to it.
  • It gives multiple access points also known as mesh Wi-Fi network.
  • Most important, it has fairly price.
  • Security and parental controls.
  • Alexa integration.
  • Easy setup, customization and configuration.

As I said Orbi satellite is what made Netgear orbi popular so, let’s know how to use satellite in connecting the orbi router at your home and extend the slow Wi-Fi performance. To start with, remove the wrap from the packed box of the orbi router device and connect it to the nearby power socket.

Do not place it simple anywhere because the placement plays the major role in connecting the device and setup the home Wi-Fi network. It should be exactly at the center of the satellite orbi and laptop.

Next step is to connect both router and satellite until they sync with each, because until they sync, no proper internet can be accessed.

Here you will find three different LED color light such as blue, white magenta that symbolize different meaning. To know in detail you can visit here.

Once both the router and satellite found each other, you have to open any browser on your laptop and type (It is a default web interface simply used one time to setup the device at your home, although you can use the mobile apps- Netgear Genie app or Orbi app.

Moving again towards the Orbi satellite, it eliminates the dead spots from your house, reaches to every corner of the house where it was hard to reach before. Have you ever used Wi-Fi that is set up in your room, to the garage point? Now you can easily understand that a house with the super Orbi device can never face such problems like “My signal keeps going weaker as I am moving upstairs to the room”

Apart from this, Netgear Orbi has not limited itself to the wireless internet serving but also giving your home safety through security cameras, door locks and baby monitoring. Also with the work from home place, usually employees need  more internet power to access the large files downloading or commencing the urgent meetings, Really Orbi Satellite made Orbi Wi-Fi router a game-changer in the residential and commercial world.

So, next time if your existing Wi-Fi network began to stumble, give a shot to Orbi AC3000. Take help of the experts online in the setup and installation.

Take a trial for 2 months at-least with Netgear orbi smart router and then decide whether it’s commendable or not?


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