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Are you tired of him being tired all the time due to his work and other commitments? Has your relationship or marriage begun to seem monotonous? Do you want to add a splash of freshness to your and your partners’ boring bedroom moments?

If you have gushed an affirmation to any one of these questions, then this blog is for you my friend!

You are not alone in this, and it’s normal with the time that a man gets distracted by professional and other commitments, and loses interest in the kind of lovemaking you and he were involved in, in the initial stages of your relationship or marriage.

Here I have listed some tips that will work wonders and help you bring back that sassiness and sensuousness in your relationship.

Stylish Sexy Hot Night Dress For Women

Sexy nighties are the first and the foremost thing that you should consider while reviving your physical intimacy with your partner. Nothing can be a better way to catch his attention than a sexy lingerie set. Let him exactly know your plans for the night!


Extremely demanding work responsibilities, competitive businesses, personal responsibilities, and another number of issues stress masses to a level where they forget all the bodily pleasures as well owing to this stress. This is not just a case with men alone, but a number of women go through this. Thus, if he or maybe both of you are overstressed, make sure to follow some stress busting nighttime routines before you are off to bed. Not only your intimacy issues but a number of other problems as well will be solved if you sleep peacefully at night.

Play With Your Room Décor

If the aura of your room is boring, what else can you expect? Make your room an epitome of romance, and yes, I nowhere mean expensive décor. There are many simple inexpensive changes such as curtains, adding few heart-shaped pillows, and other such small things that can altogether change the vibe.

Finally, try choosing a Hot touch sexy women night dress of his favorite colour, to add in a pinch of extra effort.

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