Newborn photography is a special and exciting experience. Births change significantly in the first two weeks of life, so it is advisable to photograph the newborn before the second week of life. Two weeks later, many newborns develop acne in their babies and are not as resilient as they are in the first few days of life.

Here are some tips for successful newborn photography:

Warm the Room

One of the most important things for me when it comes to newborn baby photography in Vancouver is to make sure that the place where the newborn is taken is very warm. Like adults and children, newborns don’t like the cold, so if you want a happy baby, raise the heat. Room temperature is important if you plan to take pictures of your naked baby.

Feed or Change Baby Diapers

Be sure to feed your child before shooting, as your baby will be happier when recently fed. Also, no one likes dirty diapers, so check your baby’s diapers before shooting to avoid any discomfort.

Build a Baby Nest near the Window

Most children tend to flinch when using the flash from the camera. Therefore, it is best to place the subject near a window so that natural light is available. If you have two beanbags or two large pillows, place them on a table, standing, or on the floor near the light source to create a “nest.” Covering the nest with some baby blankets will give you the perfect setup.

Be Patient

When you take a picture of your child, you need to work according to your child’s schedule. Take the time to enjoy the experience, not in a hurry.

Calm the Topic

Frequent soothing sounds can calm your baby. Another way to calm your baby is to lift it and rock it back and forth a little. If your hands are warm, try placing your fingers between your child’s eyebrows. This part has acupoints where your baby can sleep and relax.

Move Around

Try moving around the subject to get the perfect picture. Every face definitely has a more beautiful angle. Try shooting from the side and top from different angles that you think are appropriate. When moving around the subject, make sure that the light reaches the subject’s face and body.

Enjoy the process.

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